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  1. Slow clap. Start a thread with inaccurate information, haha fake news has taken over habsworld with their garbage tankist views. Lies!!!
  2. “Long term strategic thinking” from lazy boy managers is the most idiotic excuse I’ve heard to backtrack from being a half-assed fan I’ve even seen.
  3. Haha, I cannot believe all these shallow fans who can’t even truly support a team that is laying it on the line, playing good playoff style hockey, yet continue to visit/post on a Habs fan site. I pity these fools. It’s hilarious reading these posters who think they know how to build a winning hockey team from their lazy boys just by securing Lafreniere ( he’s gonna be good but he’s not a Gretzky or even McDavid, and even if he is: a bird (or playoff birth) in the hand is worth two in the bush). Aside from Taking too many penalties, this team is playing structurally solid
  4. Oh I spoke too soon. a couple posters couldn’t help but use their “I’m happy, but...” oh no, we get a chance to play playoff hockey and not a top 9 pick. cry me a river ya sad sacks. nobody likes a crybaby.
  5. Go Habs Go! The icing on the cake of this play-in win is noticing the lack of comments from the negative nellies who believe a high draft pick is the only path to success. The foolish posts that Weber is on the decline, Price is past his prime and this team can’t compete even in a league of extreme parity. Draft pick primos don’t mean squat in a team sport when games get tight. McDavid hasn’t won a team achievement even though he’s a stud who lays it all on the line, Eichel is wasting away no matter how hard he tries to do it all and round out his game, and we’re seeing a patter
  6. Unexpected Success? As in cracked a weak roster perhaps. Have never been a fan of his, not his fault the organization handled him poorly and had such a dearth of d-men that he was thrust into the show prematurely. But that doesn’t mean he gets a pass either. Too slow moving the puck, too weak in corners and net front, brutal shot. He only made the 10 and 40 game mark because Weber protected him at the expense of his own performance, wasting Weber’s potential in doing so. He can make a partner look good but at the sacrifice of his own productivity. I kn
  7. Seems to have same claim on many of the leagues current and past tendies. The great 8 indeed. Habs benefit from his “load management”.
  8. One irreplaceable player in that list. Picks outside of top 10 are essentially found money if they turn into key roster pieces. would rather watch a team battle for wildcard year after year then live in Buffalo. this year/next years team is better than we give credit for on here.
  9. I’ve learned to read Trizzaks post with the appropriate tone to make me chuckle. i believe that was the goal, well played.
  10. Agreed. The cost-benefit analysis is out of this world regardless of how the team does.
  11. Great point, he’s had me paying more attention which was waning.
  12. Was referring to post I quoted. in which OP stated others had overlooked a key point. This key point was really just OP’s own hypothesis that doesn’t jive with any of the facts. So to state that other posters are missing an obvious key point is garbage imo. OP’s theory that followed is as flawed as it is unfounded so I called garbage post on the whole thing. That is all, hope that clears it up. Go habs Go! this team is much better than you’d believe reading much of the forum.
  13. complete unfounded speculation being posted as though people are overlooking something is garbage post. overlooking a key point is different than you making shit up.
  14. Comparing Mete to Rafalski is out of left field, is useless. Kind of like throwing Ryan Ellis into the conversation out of nowhere as well. Ryan Ellis has a ton more grit and far better shot than Mete ever will btw. Mete survived on the top pairing, he did not thrive. The team obviously hasn't been successful with him in top 4. We've now seen how much of an anchor he was to Weber who is a more dominant force now that he doesn't have to babysit Mete. Currently Mete is not top 4 quality and is too small to play on a third pairing, the pairing that sees a lot of dump-
  15. Def don’t think anyone has a right to pin any of that loss on Kincaid. Team wouldn’t have survived first period without him playing stellar. He was forced to make numerous huge saves due to defensive laps, not just by defensemen and also played the puck Wisely numerous times to help with breakout. I was impressed by his puck handling, choosing right times and making crafty plays. He was not the issue and anyone claiming he “needs to win his share of games” either isn’t watching, doesn’t have a clue or is trolling. Any backup goalie can’t be expected to steal games when I
  16. Agreed and it to mention We don’t need him at all. we need a top pairing dman.
  17. I agree, but couldn’t help but quite sonI could say Ferland is tough. He will do well riding shotgun with van’s young guns in top 6. If healthy, great value. If not....
  18. Agreed, which is partly why I was so surprised at the number of players taken. Not to mention how easily some kids dominate at that age, but that isn’t sustainable. If they were drafting kids out of Canadian high school hockey or even top-tier Midget aged players, we’d be baffled I’m sure that they’d gamble on such young talent.
  19. Edited as was able to read on second load and wanted to pay due for the hard work and good read. thanks. stilL enjoying it.
  20. As mentioned above, it is a big gamble for most of these kids. From what I’ve seen of him( only videos since the draft) he does move well in all direction, stick handle well and seems composed with the puck. Obv small sample size to view and against unknown competition so again insert dart board analogy. Comments about him point towards a dman that I personally like (physical, offensive, aggressive) so I will be following his development path thanks to HabsWorld and the great coverage of habs prospects made available through the site. it would suck to be a fan of oth
  21. Ahha, I should have revisited some reading material before posting. So, maybe Shaw type speed with some hands? I do realize no point comparing but first round picks always arouse my interest. Thanks.
  22. I like the pick. I’m picturing a “healthy Byron” level of speed and jump, with better finishing/setup abilities. Im fine with that, he and Gally could be a 1/2 RW combo that drives opposing dmen nuts in 2-3 years and be productive.
  23. This year’s team overperformed, that seems like concencus opinion around here. With thé lack of truly elite (game breaking talent) prospects (I do like our prospects but none are going to be elite to the point thy step in next year and provide significant improvement) I don’t see any improvement next year. More likely I see a regression to the mean, the career year players will probably level off so I predict another playoff miss next year. MB should be to blame, when the coach is beyond reproach (whether right or not) and the players are all playing above expectations you must look
  24. Interesting line of thought mentioned above. Perhaps, the cost of some extra tix gets worked into pricing of corporate boxes and the “extra tix” from that are used by the club exclusively for schools, minor sports teams, charities? No net gain or loss for team, negligible increase to the price of corporate boxes, does some good for people who may not get to see an NHL game otherwise??? Go Habs Go!
  25. Only proven centre who I see being available is oreilly. What the price would be? No idea but more I think about it the more i think he could handle the job and is only true elite(?) centre that may be available. id trade third overall for him. But would prolly have to throw in a player, maybe a dman given buffalos roster needs? They are pretty deep at centre and had ROR slotted on third line at end of season.
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