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  1. On my way to Long Island with my 3 kids for the game. Hope we get a good one!
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  2. Broberg is a LD but such an elite skater that you don't worry about what side he plays as there is stud potential there. The big knock on Lavoie is consistency and that's why he fell so far in the draft his draft year. I think he is starting to run out of time. I don't see any reason to trade Evans as he is on a team friendly contract and is rebounding from a slow start. If I am giving up Edmondson and Evans and taking on an expiring contracts in Puljujarvi and Ryan then I want a whole lot more than Lavoie. It's Holloway or Broberg or a #1 pick, maybe Bourgault otherwise I am talking to the next GM.
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  3. The freight train known as Romanov is surely pumped. Who gets destroyed by him? Cause you know that ROWmanov has a chip on his shoulder. Projected lineup: Caufield - Suzuki - Dach Slafkovsky - Dvorak - Anderson Dadonov - Evans - Armia Drouin - Ylonen Edmundson - Savard Harris - Kovacevic Xhekaj - Barron Wideman Montembault
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  4. Not yet. Primeau dresses as the backup tonight but Allen hasn't been ruled out for tomorrow.
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  5. What is also interesting about Kostin is that in just 28 games he has become the Oilers 5th leading goal scorer. That also demonstrates a huge lack of secondary scoring on the Oilers once you get past the first 2 lines. That will have to change if they hope to go anywhere.
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  6. Let him sit til training camp is my vote. No need to rush him.
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