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  1. That's all I see... but it would be easy to forget him doing other things because when he does that it's so exciting hahaha
  2. Since we are talking about shooting... Does Anderson have a one timer? My brain tells me no but it seems like he should?
  3. On rereading my response seemed oddly rude. Sorry. But there's room between perimeter player and netfront presence. I think he can find a position hovering nearby the crease without needing to take as many cross checks to the hips and back.
  4. No it's a terrible comparison tbh. Gally can already shoot and be a threat not in front of the net. It's not learning a new skill... He has the skill already. He doesn't have to be the dedicated net front presence to go to the net and be a problem down low.
  5. With the hip + foot injuries I assume he'll be slow but he has a great wrist shot. If he can shift his game a bit he can get 15-20. I have to think we take him off net front duty though it's just too tough on his body now.
  6. It just popped up on Google's suggested articles. Annoying how terrible websites pay to be featured -.-
  7. No rumors but I feel the Islanders might be eager to pick up a forward from us after missing on Kadri? Another thing is we could see this pick being flipped with say Hoffmann to say Anaheim as a cap dump?
  8. Maybe Islanders end up going after Dvorak after missing on Kadri?
  9. So what's the lineup looking like for Laval next year with Dea, Belpedio + Ouellette gone, the signings mentioned above and Struble in NCAA? Is the tandem in net Primeau + Poulin?
  10. https://montrealhockeynow.com/2022/08/17/clarity-on-montreal-canadiens-prospect-jayden-strubles-future/ Struble going back to NCAA for senior year. Right move given the logjam at d we will see in Laval.
  11. Reading a lot of stories about Jake Allen and Vegas. Seems illogical imo for both sides. There has to be a more reliable option for Vegas than a sub par starter with extensive injury history. They honestly can't want a guy who is injured as frequently as Allen. Then for Montreal... I'm just assuming Price is basically done and they want Primeau to get AHL starts. So Allen-Monty tandem is it. Unless we get like Huchinson back and feel like rolling Monty-Huch for the tank.
  12. Would the blue jackets have enough cap for Laine if they trade Nyquist or are they going to have to blow the roster up more? Bjork?
  13. One of the Habs I've enjoyed watching the most in a long time... when he's on.
  14. Has there been any update on if Byron is done or not?
  15. @Commandant do you have any statistical player comparisons for Farrell or Roy? I know you've used player production at lower levels as reference for later production before ie:McCarron never producing. I'm excited about these two but given their weird trajectories or playing the extra USHL year I'm not sure where to peg my expectations.
  16. I think Yams gets signed over Poolparty... The guy simply doesn't have the hockey IQ to be a regular contributor from what I've seen. Not to defend Edmonton's score but Ceci hasn't been terrible and Russell is the 7th d. Barely passed 5 minutes last night. The whole Keith situation is brain numbing though...
  17. Is Ylonen really a "4th line" kind of player?
  18. Or maybe it would be part of a deal where we take a bigger worst contract with less term and the other team is making another move?
  19. What contract swaps make sense? Quick search for me got like mayyyybe 4 options. Jason Dickinson VAN Radek Daska DAL Carl Hagelin WAS Maybe Adam Lowry if Winnipeg wants him back?
  20. I know Patches may not be well loved anymore but "Wolverine" was a great nickname for a guy who came back from injuries so quick.
  21. Honestly moments like this make me hate the salary cap. I hate that a guy that has played so hard through his career and most Habs fans had him as a favourite... Will become maligned because of his contract
  22. Was at the Oil kings game last night against the Regina Bedard's. Guhle is a very aggressive puck handler in the offensive zone. Didn't realize that was part of his game.
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