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  1. I'm kind of rooting for this guy. I love a good underdog story.
  2. Anderson has one move. Fire up the afterburner and power past or through everything in his path. Scare the shit out of the goalie and shoot in close. Not knocking it. It's fun to watch. I just haven't seem much else as far as shooting goes.
  3. He's had no run support his entire career. Played a single season woth an 80 point player. Kovalev. All of their limited success was him. It's a yes for me dog. But not right away
  4. I'm not sure I'm a fan of this move. Habs suck. Who knows how good the 1st will be?
  5. Strongly agree with this. I think that extra year of development would help a lot.
  6. I need to quit drooling over this kid. I don't get excited about draft picks. In fact, over the last 45 years of being a hockey fan, I've developed a very pessimistic view if most draft picks. I just have a feeling about hutson. Subban was the last defenseman that got me excited.
  7. I know right. I had to click the back button on my internet browser.
  8. This is a really good question. What will fans and media focus on? Will he be so in his own head with guilt and shame, that he won't be able to perform either way? Will he be a leader figure that owns it and combined with the canadiens handling of the situation, help with bringing about change to this toxic and harmful culture?
  9. Forgot all about obyrne. Drunken purse thief that he is
  10. Weber is a cool forever sweater Price Weber Markov Kovalev Koivu Those are all sweaters I would wear 20 years from now. Besides the obvious hall of farmers from the 70s and roy
  11. It's horrible that this stuff continues to happen. Hopefully all if this exposure helps with culture in the future.
  12. Quit psyching me out. I keep seeing updates on the kirby dach thread and folks be chatting about other teams. Lol But since I'm here... I've always been against taxpayer funded arenas because there is almost never a financial payback in growth or visitation or spin off business etc... but I've heard other arguments which ask why theater's or parks or expensinsive museums are built. Most are financially negative, taxpayer funded ventures, but they add to a positive quality of life to residents. It's an interesting discussion. I'm still more on the build your own arena bandwagon though.
  13. Been watching video of this kid. I can't stop. He's so dynamic. First pass. Skating it out. Cuts Creating open ice. Playmaking is off the charts. so fun to watch. I don't care. I know I'm not supposed to get excited about prospects, but this kid looks so good.
  14. I'm pretty skeptical about this guy. Time will tell, bit I'm definitely not too excited.
  15. I wouldn't give anything for him and would only sign if it was a reasonable deal. As you say.
  16. You guys are definitely right. It isn't black and white. I was a big petry fan until this year. I will miss his skill. But my opinion soured a lot this year.
  17. He was in the first year of his contract extension and his wife can't deal with covid rules? They were living with those rules for 7 months before he signed it. Probably should thought that one through. Calls out the coach publicly multiple times. He sucked worse than dd last season. Now Habs are hostage to either down trade (which they did) or keep an unprofessional distraction on the team. Very annoying situation all in all.
  18. You make 6.5 million a year. You start pouting because your wife won't come live in the place you've lived for 5 years? Bah. Suck it up I says. I'm glad he's gone. I was a fan until last season when the going got tough and jeff got going.
  19. Glad to be rid of the pouty baby. Get lost
  20. Uggh. I pray we got this right. I hope snorkovsky becomes jagr, Wright becomes nuge and Cooley becomes kadri. I'll take that. My fear is Cooley becomes marner, Wright becomes bergeron and juraj becomes Alex tuch
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