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  1. Keep it rollin' baby !!! Go Habs Go, fifteen in a row !
  2. Damn. The Jets are (or were, not sure yet) my 2nd favorite team in the NHL.
  3. Jets down to 5 dmen quickly. DeMelo won’t return.
  4. Alright, round 2, here we go. Go Habs Go, fifteen in a row !
  5. For what we know, some players might be colorblind...
  6. I meant that it has to remain 67. Let’s kick’em out right now.
  7. Keep it rollin' AGAIN Yvonne !!! YAAAA The magic number is 67 ! Let's keep it that way ! Now discuss lines and stuff.
  8. Let's keep it rollin' baby ! In front of a (small) crowd, attaboy !!!! (Now discuss lineups, previews and feelings, Yvonne ain't got time for that shit.)
  9. Sometimes, there is only one target. Only one player that you feel will improve your team while spending cap hit for him. Otherwise, you stand still and keep your cap space.
  10. Well... don't know if it's my fault or not, but it worked for game 1, the only game thread I posted this in... so... Feel free to add any lineups or actual relevant infos in here
  11. Aight, his tool is not very user friendly if you want my opinion
  12. I've been one of the few saying that Weber should be protected and that his leadership was overcoming his decline of on-ice skills, but after what I saw yesterday, if his decline is that bad and if he doesn't inspire his teamates to give more than they did, then #### off.
  13. I don't get the % system here. For zone entries, Out of 8 attemps, Chiarot has 0 controlled, 6 dump and 2 failed for 38%. The only way to get to 38% is to allow 1/2 point for dumps, 3/8 = 37,5% so 38% Now, how is Kulak getting 17% with 2 dumps but 1 controlled ? is Controlled bad ?
  14. That was one of the most frustrating game to watch in a loooooong time. No energy, no passion, no chirping, no offense, nothing. I'm all for giving credit when it's due, but I don't feel like the Leafs played that good of a game.
  15. We'd have no Caufield, no Ghule and probably no Toffoli. Different moves could have been made instead of the ones who were ie Domi vs Anderson
  16. For some bold reasons, my money on the NYI.
  17. From my experience, as a French Speaking guy from Montreal, the more people are concerned about Habs' success, the less they care about the language spoken by the coach or any staff member. Mr. Anybody on the street who will give his opinion on the matter will probably say that they care in a larger %, but as soon as you run the same survey among die hard Habs fans and people who follow hockey closely and understand the league and the sport better, the % of people who believe we need more Quebec born players or even a French speaking coach drop big time. And then you have the Rejean Tremblay and the Bertrand Raymond who will always write about this issue and act like they are the leader of a movement among the population. BS.
  18. No. If this was 1800's, business would have to be done in English.
  19. I'm 37 yo and it's about ####ing time this happens. I always find it strange when people say the Leafs vs Habs is our #1 Rivalry. We haven't played them in playoffs in over 40 years. Now the time has arrived. Just a huge shame that we cannot see it live from the stands. ####ing Covid.
  20. Habs chose the youngest player of the draft at 3rd oa and knew they were not getting full potential before at least one more season than anyone else in this draft. Tkachuk was born ONE DAY too late from being eligible in the 2017 draft while KK was born a few months away from being eligible in the 2019 draft. We should stop comparing Tkachuk and KK, it was never fair.
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