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  1. Nope, we're better team without Kostitsyn. Toronto can have him. We already have two nice "projects" in Kassian an Holloway. Both thoose are good bets!
  2. Yeah, I agree. I think you're undervaluing this addition. Holloway has been a top scorer in every team his whole career. Strange he never got the chance with the Kings as he lead the Manchester Monarchs in scoring during his two full seasons in the AHL. He did the exact same thing in Sweden. MVP one year. Three seasons. Three finals and two cup won. Same thing in Switzerland. Missed a few games, but had the same point-per-game ratio as the top scorer Martin Pluss. SHL, former Elitserien could be said to be equal to the AHL. NLA in Switzerland is slightly below, but not that far. If the Habs finds a way to get max out of Bud Holloway he will be a top six forward. As I said earlier. Give him a full season and I would expect about 15 goals and 20 helper from this guy. This is not a prospect, but a pro that's used to north american hockey.
  3. Interesting indeed! Bud has been considered the best american player outside the NHL for many years. Followed him close during his years in Skellefteå AIK. 15 goals and 20 assist could be expected I think. Would fit both on a second line or third line.
  4. Everyone here seems convinced that we need a fist line RW. But we have Gallagher! Give him the right center and his stats will improve. We have loads of second line candidates, but what really differs the Habs from the other contenders, is that we lack the first line center. In the eastern conference all other teams entering the playoffs had a center with more point than Plekanec. I love Plex, but he is not a first line center. A great second liner, but a mediocre first liner for a team that's one of the best in the east. In my opinion, it's a first line center that's the key to us making it to the finals! All other ingredient are there!
  5. Interesting. He missed the WJC due to injury. I Think he dropped a lot because of that. Will be follow him Close this season as he's lacing up for AIK in the Allsvenska.
  6. Just finished looking at this years UFA. None strikes me as an upgrade. But, here's an idea: Sign Richards as the new 2nd line center. (Brad or Mike!) Then trade Plekanec and Jared Tinordi to team that lacks a defensive minded 2nd line center for a top line scoring center?. How about Logan Couture?
  7. What I meant when I wrote "Pro" was something else. American are more well behaved. The know what to say, they know how to behave. Take one of my countrys most beloved athlete Zlatan Ibrahimovic. He was immature, egoistic but loaded with talent as a youngster. He even spoke of himself in third person! Now, he one of the worlds best. The one that saw the talent and didn't let the other spoil it are considered heroes today. Just listen to Connor McDavid. He sound like a pro. Media-trained. Used to journalist. Some europeans aren't. Like Kylington and I'm shocked that he slipped to 60th. It's true he sometimes makes dumb moves in his backend, but he always go for the offensive option. That's why he's spectacular. Like Subban in a way. I guess the future will show, but my bet is that Calgary will be a better team in a few years.
  8. Why would they have Kylington on their "do-not-draft-list"? If it is because he's unpolished, they're right, but that's what the draft is all about? Are scouts really afraid of players that's not pro by the age of 18?
  9. A few years ago I was sitting here and wishing for Oliver Ekman-Larsson. He was outstanding in the Swedish second league, the Allsvenska. He was selected long before we could get him, but still... Just got up, and start reading about last night draft. I had hopes that Oliver Kylington would be selectable when Habs turn came. He was. But passed on. The whole first round. I saw him play twice last year. And this guy is something special. He was ranked 1st midseason! I wouldn't have been surprised if he would have been taken 3rd overall!
  10. I was surprised. Almost chocked. And then, after some thinking, this might be a good trade after all. The reason why we dealt for Moen in the first place was because his playoff abilities and the fact that he had won a Stanley Cup with Anaheim. A playoff player, in other words. But then came Prust. Two years younger, a bit tougher and Moen spent more time off the ice. Prust or Moen? They both bring the same kind of game, maybe Moen is a bit more useful on the PK. Montreal is a contender this year. Sergei Gonchar has that experience. He has also been assistant captain for a respectable amount of his NHL career. Twice he's been the top goalscorer among defencemen. It seems like he's a class act. Sure, he's overpaid, but that was Moen too. I just think that this team needs Gonchar more than Moen.
  11. A very American perspective. Outside the US, the Habs, Rangers and Bruins would be on top. Maybe the Red Wings, Blackhawks, the Old Senators and perhaps the Blues would be up there as well. Canucks, Pens, Panthers and Sharks at the bottom.
  12. Saw the last game versus the Bruins in the end of the regular season. The Boston team nailed the Habs. It was almost embarrassing. Crazy-Krejci, Lucic and Bergeron always seems to play better and harder when the Canadiens are on the other side. Also, I don't get the new Playoff-Tree. Boston won the conference and get's to play the last seeded wild card, the Red Wings. Pens finished second and face the best wild card. Check. 3. Tampa 4. Montreal 5. NY Rangers 6. Philadelphia And yet Tampa play(ed) Montreal and Rangers got Philly? Why? Because of the divisions? And now we are waiting for the Bruins or the Redwings? Could someone please explain?
  13. Looking forward to the Boston game tonight. Didn't see the last one, so this will be my first "Vanek game". Just wanted to comment on that trade as well... It's a steal! Sure, Collberg did put up some numbers at the Juniors, but I imagine Bergevin saw the same thing as I. Collberg won't make it to the NHL. He played on a line with fellow teammates from Frölunda Wennberg and Johnsson whom in my opinion has much more upside. Im not a pro scout, but I have seen him play enough to be determined in my opinion. A career Swedish Hockey Leauge player. Not an impact player in the NHL. Jacob de la Rose, on the other hand will most likely center a third line in the NHL. Anyway, with that said, the Vanek trade is one of the best acquisition in years. Habs now has all the ingredients to be a contender. A great goalie, a Norris winner and a prime goal-getter.
  14. Went to the game last night. (Switzerland-Sweden) Filip Forsberg played really well. My early candidate for the MVP. Switzerland has come a long way. Maybe it's time to rename the "Big 7" to "Big 8". Not impressed with Collberg.
  15. About Magnus Nygren. I followed him close last season as Färjestad went all the way to win the Swedish cup. He made the roster in Färjestad mid season and was their best defenceman from then. He has good playmaking skills and makes things happen on the powerplay. Not that strong but that could change. I would like to compare him to a young Niclas Kronwall of the Detroit Red Wings. I think Montreal did a good job drafting him. He had the same points totals as David Rundblad and more than Adam Larson (4th pick overall) in the playoffs. This could be a steal for the Habs.
  16. Ja, om jag får tag i två matchplåtar så blir det så. Verkar dock svårt.
  17. Does anyone know if there's ANY chance at all getting a ticket for Saturdays games versus the Leafs? If so, where should I start looking?
  18. Name:ch_nl Habs Cups witnessed: 1. 1993. Which Habs will improve?: Chipchura, Latendresse, Lappierre, Price, The Kostitsyn and Gill. Which Habs will regress?: Cammalleri, Gionta, Gomez How will Martin do?: Great. Martin is a experienced coach. How do I think the team will place?: 3rd in the East. The North East looks a bit weak. Boston won't get anything for free this year and I expect Toronto to be as bad as they ware last year. If the Habs don't win the North East I predict them to fall to 8th or 7th. General chat about the coming season: Koivu won't make any noise in Anaheim. Markov should get the C. He may not be the most talkative, but he leads by example. Maxim Lappierre should get an A. Concerned by Kovalev. One of few players I would pay money to even see practice. He loved the city of Marie and they seemed to love him. Yet he's gone. To the Sens. A shame if you ask me. Kovalev will come back to haunt us. Im also a bit surprised that Tanguay is gone. Now the Bolts have the first line most Habs fans only could dream about. Im not totaly overjoyed by the signing of Cammalleri, Gionta and Gomez. Like the Cammalleri signing the most. The other two seems to have got here on old merits. Saw a re run from the Stanley Cup today. Game 4. Hall Gill is a big guy. I like his position play and how he uses his long stick. Maybe Komisarek is the top shot blocker in the NHL but on the other hand it's even better if the other team don't even get the chance to shot. Other bold prediction: Victor Hedman will win the calder and Plekanec will be traded before the deadline.
  19. Koivu, Higgins, Kovalev, Komisarek, Lang and Tanguay for Cammalleri, Gomez, Gionta, Spacek and Gill. If someone would have posted this as a trade proposal then he or she would have been called insane. Basicly this is what happened. Player for player the Habs are a weaker team. I think Cammalleri is the only uppgrade. I could be the only one, but Im actually glad the Koivu era is over. Loved him as person but Montreal always expected too much from him. He never was anything but a second line centre. I also find it hard to understand why Robert Lang having such a hard time to find a team to stick with. When healthy he was one of our best players last year. And Kovalev... Have to have one of thoose on your team. But in the end it's always about chemistry. Gionta and Gomez reunited and it works well everybody will bless Gainey. Cammalleri showing he's not a fluke and can stay at the level and this team might be great. I think Komisarek was asking for too much. Even if he played at the All-stars he will never be anything but a defensive body.
  20. I don't like it! Where is the team I cheer for?!
  21. Does anyone know (or a better guess) on whom Gainey offered for Lecavalier?
  22. How could Monteal trade at all when things are like they are now? The Habs doesn't even have a core! Resign the players that's part of the teams future and then try to find someone who's keen on getting some youth for an experienced leader. Sure Lecavalier would be a dream come true, but not until guys like Komisarek are signed.
  23. Truth is that Saku Koivu is one of the most anonymous player in the NHL. Think of the Canadiens and everybody will thing of all the great players that HAS been with the team, not the ones that play now.
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