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  1. That makes sense…wonder if DD sees it that way?
  2. That sucks for Niki. There should have been a penalty AND supplemental discipline for that hit.
  3. What happened to Brook? I wouldn't be upset to see Norlinder in Montreal, but I would hate for them to rush Guhle. Since he played very little last season another season in the NHL would be best for his development.
  4. Any list with the words, “Jack Johnson and impact” can’t be good 😊 Glad to see that you are back.
  5. You seem oblivious to the point that Montreal had plenty of cap room to sign Kk to the bridge that they wanted and could have matched the Canes ridiculous offer and rightly chose not to do so. What are you talking about” mind-boggling terms” that Bergevin agreed to? The whichever of the two picks Arizona gets is top ten protected. The Coyotes get the best pick unless either of them is in the top ten then they get the lower pick. That is a tidy bit of business. Perhaps you think a first and a second an outrageous price? Then you shouldn’t like the Canes giving up a first without protection and a 3rd plus an extra 1.5million for a player who scored 5 goals last season. You really need to give the Bergevin bashing a rest.
  6. The Drouin trade was probably Bergevin’s biggest mistake as it’s impact will resonate through the organization far longer than the unfortunate Alzner contract. I would have liked to see KK with the Habs for years but Kk not agreeing to a contract has nothing to do with the Hoffman signing. Since the cap system was established ufa’s get paid first and more and Rfa’s get less. The Hurricanes leveraged the CBA to get KK but had to wildly over pay to do it. Good for them. May De Angelo wreck their room, may their goaltending be porous and may Kk be their leading scorer with 45 points.
  7. He didn’t need to match. He should not have matched. He did not match. Paying over 6 million/ year for KK is madness.
  8. True, but LA is very soon( season after next) going to be paying their no offence 3rd line center $5.5 per year. That’s a big tab in a hard cap system. I would have loved for the Habs to re-sign Danault but not at that price.
  9. I don’t want to be rude, so all I can say is that’s a seriously misguided thought. Gallagher and Anderson will provide far more value. If Danault was a reliable 15-20 goal scorer instead of a guy who often looked like he couldn’t score into an empty net, I would have been fine with the Canadiens re-signing him at that price. LA will be regretting that contact sooner rather than later.
  10. They might accept a 1st (next years draft) and a second if we kept Drouin
  11. The only reason I suggested Drouin in trade because of the risk/ reward. Getting Tarasenko is a risk but Drouin’s value has to be at an all time low as well.
  12. Tarasenko is damaged goods who has asked for a trade. St. Louis is not going to get anywhere near healthy Tarasenko value. That’s the point of my proposal
  13. Trade him to the Blues for Taraseko contingent on a medical clearness for VT and salary retention by the Blues to match salary. One problem for another.
  14. Doesn’t matter. I hate them even more now. As per Chris Joshson: @reporterchris Nikita Kucherov: "The fans in Montreal acted like they won the Stanley Cup last game. Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? Their final was last round." Classless jackass!
  15. I’m very proud of the team, but still pissed at the shitty refereeing. Can’t wait to see Tampa lose players due to the Cap. I will hate them forever.
  16. I don’t think Gustafson gets re-signed. To think of playing him regularly over Romanov is madness.
  17. Yes. At least make it seem like a battle. I think it’s simple, if the Canadiens score first we will win. If not, I can envision a game 3- like unraveling.
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