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  1. I want him to suck so the canes wont qualify him next summer so in the end losing their picks for nothing. This also needs to include not winning the cup. After that let him have any success he can.
  2. Kotkaniemi 11 mins, 0 points and -1 10gp 2g 1a +1 on a top team. Lets hope this continues.
  3. Turns on the game and boom! Its 2-1 Pietrangelo. Shall I stop watching right away?
  4. Looking at the Oilers lineup and started thinking that maybe Id prefer us stinking for ten years and have their current lineup instead of being a bubbleteam for 30 years.
  5. Still a good haul for a player who might be damaged goods. Possibly two future top6 C and the pics.
  6. If Molson tells MB to start rebuilding the team and offer him a 5 year deal. Would MB take it? Would we want him in charge of it?
  7. If the canes roll over us with KK scoring a few goals, will it be the end of MB?
  8. 4 goals in 11 games for the leafs. Decent production in AHL. Could he be a hidden gem?
  9. A) 31-39-7-5 B) 6th place C) 27th D) 28 goals
  10. If Kidney gets injured, do we need a transplant? Ill let myself out... 🤪
  11. June next year, thats when we will know what was the right move.
  12. So now I hope we win the cup and the canes stink AND that kk only becomes a 3rd liner at best so in the end we won all. 😁
  13. So its top 10 protected then unless both picks are top 10. If we stink and our pick is top 5 while the canes win the cup Arizona will get the 32nd overall?
  14. In a bit of bad mood now. I hope kk and the canes will get the Chara treatment this year in bell centre.
  15. Im most scared now that Bergevin will do a stupid trade. The other teams know he is vulnerable.
  16. Why are no teams offer sheeting Arizonaplayers? The team allways suck and are to poor to actually not suck. Silent agreement with the nhl?
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