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  1. Great having Perry in the finals last year so he can calm everybody down and remind about that there are 4 wins left.
  2. When I hear Chris Lee Im thinking he is to hockey what Harris is in the Police Academy movies.
  3. They have Pageau. I think I rather face Kucherov and Stamkos than JG Pageau. 😱
  4. Im so very happy noone claimed Byron on waivers. Or Perry.
  5. What happens if there is an outbreak on the team? Walkover? Games postponed? In the SHL-playoffs if a team couldnt play because of covid they would be automatic eliminated.
  6. Better we use Price only in the playoffs from now on. Sign a star player for 10M and keep Price on the ltir.
  7. So we have to call Gallagher "Chuck" from now on.
  8. Good expansionteam like Tampa and Nashville. Thats the way it should be done. If Im the owners of those teams I would be very irritated that Vegas had so much better rules. Im sure Bettman just dont want to see another Atlanta Trashers.
  9. I really dislike that a expansionteam is allowed to become so good right away. Please beat them. Grind them to sand.
  10. Is Ryan Reeves a bit like Lucic? But we dont have Dutch Gretzky to make him go bananas.
  11. Price have beaten Fleury before. And that time I think we were a bigger underdog than we are now.
  12. Maxpac is playing great for Vegas as well so I think no real losers in that trade.
  13. Dont be concerned, be happy that the game in which we score only one goal Carey has a SO. The game we score 5 goals he allow 3. Useless to score 5 goals on his SO game and then lose 1-3. 😁
  14. ME! Lucky Im not the GM. But he is appearently playoff clutch goalie. 😁 I read people wanted Roy traded before the 93 playoffs also. I will not ask for Price to be traded againt.
  15. Let Weber ragdoll him for a bit if he is back before we sweep them. If he isnt? Let Weber ragdoll him next season.
  16. The look on Webers face. Maybe they just woke up the beast.
  17. So he better stop trying to kiss the knee of oposing players in the future.
  18. 3:35 the time here and daughter waking up in 2 hours for school. Buuut its worth it!
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