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  1. Would the leafs overpay to have Domi jr on their team? it would be a good sell of jerseys.
  2. Niskanen suspended? Or do we need to send Domi after him? Saw now suspended one game.
  3. Hahaha! just hope they dont get lafreniere.
  4. So we unloaded players for picks at the deadline maaaaany months ago... and now we are playing in the playoffs while the pens have a chance at Lafreniere. Who wouldve thought? And Lehkonen didnt miss the net!
  5. Best case scenario for lafreniere is for us to beat the pens and then the pens win the first overall. The kid will be under the wings of Crosby, Malkin and Mario Lemieux.
  6. What if we as usual have our autumn 19 wins in 24 games now instead of the beginning of regular season? We will win the cup! 🤪🎉🍾👍
  7. Nothing will defend spreading corona! rioting and big protest gatherings in these covid19 times is just as much murder as what that police did. How many will they kill by spreading that virus now? We will never know. Off course black lives matters! Just as much as asian lives, albino lives and pink lives but this is not the time for big gatherings of people... And Trump is an a-hole. Stay safe and keep distance.
  8. Yay! We made the playoffs AND aquired draft picks at the deadline... 🤪
  9. Norlinder goes to Frölunda so he will play in SHL instead of allsvenskan.
  10. Mobile game World hockey manager. just wondering if any group with people from habsworld.
  11. I am sure there are warnings for viruses all the time. If every nation reacts like that on every warning the world will be crazy. what needs to be done is to make China understand that if something like this comes from their nation again while they try to hide it, they shall get the north korea treathment. Total isolation and blocked borders.
  12. A few players from swedish ealite league and a few nhl players. 1 Johan Hedberg. 2 Jonas Bergqvist 3 Peter Forsberg 4 Patrick Roy 5 Saku Koivu
  13. Same here in Sweden. Idiot politicians allways react to slow. I live in a skiing resort area. Norway Skiingresort is 40 miles from here. In norway everything is closed but here there is alot of visitors going to afterski parties with 100s of people. borders to norway is of course closed so they will not be affected of our stupid politicians.
  14. But if there is a season to miss the playoffs then this is the one. Sounds like the world championships will be cancelled also. Not to mention the european champs in football (I refuse to call it sucker) will be postponed one year.
  15. Nice sologoal by Norlinder to tie the game at 3.
  16. No more braincramps like Galchenyuk and kostitsyn. Like commandant said. Hockey iq
  17. Concidering Petry and Tatar are still with us MB must be planning for the team to be a playoff team next season. I wonder how many signings/trades he will make at the draft and in july.
  18. I would hope that the chance for a cup is more important than pride but who am I to know.
  19. As it should be but maybe the canes would be able to pay alot now that they lost Pesce?
  20. I just want to see where we are in the middle of next season before trading them. Maybe we need them for a chance at a good playoff run so instead of trading for new rentals we keep the ones we have already.
  21. Keep Tuna and Petry. trade Domi for that much needed dman. If Kovalchuk wants to stay a hab then dont trade him and resign him instead. maybe sign some needs this summer and then hope for a little more injuryluck next year and the team isnt as bad as it seems. Maybe KK, Romanov and Caufield can bring some extra spark also. Glass is half full. 😄
  22. Maybe Im giving up on him to fast but if someone just offered to take his contract from us id be happy.
  23. Losing Weber the rest of season and also maybe at risk for retirement because of injury we might as well sell now. If we can get good return for kovy then sell. If we get a kings ransom for Tatar then sell. Better try resigning Petry so we have some veteran skill left on D.
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