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  1. Its our turn to get lucky and win the draft lottery. Dahlin is our man. ??
  2. Yep... will not be the first time if they do. Question is can the habs get on a 10-game winning streak or something like that and catch them leafs? ??
  3. Concidering how horrible our division is and the leafs playing not so good lately... if we get a big winningstreak Im not surprised if we could squeek into the playoffs...
  4. I expect us to win almost all game up to the allstar break or MB is gone. If not we need a new owner just as much as a new GM.
  5. Fire MB hire Gainey as replacement this season out. I like that. then trade all upcoming UFAs and throw the vault at Tavares. keep maxpac because I am sure if he is paired with Tavares he will be a scoringmachine. Dreaming is allowed isnt it?
  6. ”Hemsk” is swedish for horrible.... maybe montoya skated horribly out there...
  7. Sooo where is that guy who were comparing lernout to weber?
  8. Maybe this win helps bring the ghosts of the forum back on our side...
  9. How about tsns idea of Weber with some retained salary to the leafs for Nylander or Marner?
  10. Im sure Drouin will be our captain soon... Maybe Pacioretty is the player who will be traded, not Galchenyuk...
  11. Well we can allways hope for Lindgren to stand on his head and pacs + danault potting a goal or two...
  12. It was supposed to be minor 2 years ago as well...
  13. I think Duchene and Erik Karlsson together can be scary for us.
  14. Yes his intent was good but MB failed and now he is a GM of one of the worst teams in the league and with Price injured I dont see things getting better unless MB has alot of luck and Lindgren will be a surprise. Fire him already.
  15. How about being crazy and try that Galchenyuk guy from the 4th line as a C on one of the top2 lines?
  16. How about Mark Recchi? He could also fill in as doctor. ?
  17. Me too... Ask Snow how much for Tavares and then offer him a bit more just to stop potential bidding war haha. thing is it is hard to not think about Price struggling now... If Price plays like hart trophy-Carey I am sure it is a harder trade to make. i remember Theodore stinking after signing his big contract with us we managed to dump him fast... I hope Price is not the next Jose Theodore. With Prices contract we are doomed if he is. ?
  18. Not sure what you expect MB to do about a young kid getting a serious illness...
  19. I hope they dont wait until we are out of the playoffs to fire him... A gm in panicmode to save his job could be very dangerous to this teams future. Give him 5 more games and tell him to show at least 8 points from these games. If not he can clean his desk and go to scout the qmjhl or something.
  20. Starting to feel now that maybe I was a bit optimistic.
  21. Fire Bergevin before he does more damage to this team.
  22. Not so fun really... it really proves what a bad gm MB is. Claiming to go for the cup and being a contender and then not being able to use all that cap on important parts of the team? Unless Molson is short on cash (wich I dont think is the thing) and has told MB to keep low on salarys this might be one of the worst off seasons by a habs GM in the salary cap era of the NHL. I hope he is fired before he does more damage to the team but it seems unlikely. Im sure Galchenyuk will soon be traded at his lowest ever value and then he will be a constant 25-30 goal scorer for another team while we continue to sink.
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