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  1. 3rd rounder? Thats all we could get? Wouldnt it be better trying to keep him?
  2. Actively shopping Galchenyuk... if he is trying to trade Chucky I am also sure he will not get fair value. Let him stay a hab Marky...
  3. He needed to do something to get attention so he could show off his new summer suit collection...
  4. I really hope we keep Galchenyuk... him and Drouin are about same age and would be our future offensive core to build around. I hope no bridge deals for them. Sign them both to 8-year deals now.
  5. If we have a Tavares signes longterm I think it is a good deal. There is allways the chance that Galchenyuk will become almost as good as Tavares but there is a high risk that he is a 50-point forward that coaches dont dare to play at center position. Having Tavares + Price + Weber (I hope he will stay elite for at least 4-5 years) is a fantastic core to build a top contender around and with players like Pacioretty, Lehkonen hopefully Radulov and also Gallagher... It can be a very great 4-5 years to be a habsfan. Losing Chucky and Sergachev is worth this chance in my opinion.
  6. Rinne maybe shouldve had one or two of those but it also looks like some bad luck bounces on his own dmen. by the way... it is scary that its been so long since the habs has been in a finals that now people here starts cheering as hard for other teams as they do for the habs. Even arguing like the preds actually would be habs in the wrong jerseys... please let us cheer for the team in red, white and blue in the finals soon.
  7. Who knows what MB will do this summer. Maybe there is risk he makes another scary trade because he has alot of pressure on him. I hope not unless the return is John Tavares with a resigned contract.
  8. Eklund is Eklund he says rangers and habs talking chucky... would chucky for zibanejad make any sence?
  9. I still see the Bruins trading Kessel for Seguin, another top 1st rounder and more... I dont want to see Edmonton drafting great players with our four1strounders.
  10. I have looked at previous expansiondrafts and I know who Las Vegas will pick from the habs. Goaltender Frederic Chabot!
  11. I am annoyed to see PK help the preds in a long playoff run while we still have the same problems as the last 5 years but now without the excitement of PK.
  12. I wanted to give him a year to show that trading PK was a part of a plan to make the team better but so far all I see is PK playing great for Nashville while we still have the same problems as the last 15 years. Not good enough centers. If he just had to trade PK then why not for a good young center? And now he misses again on a good chance in this russian kid that he didnt even bother to make an offer for. Its better MB goes before the draft before he ruins something more.
  13. Don is losing his mind. He has no defense left to use but sarcasm...
  14. How long ago since we were the favorites to win the cup? 80s or maybe even as far back as the 70s?
  15. Haha. David Ling still active player? He must be 40+ age.
  16. Trade Price for an offensive stud. better build a great consistent offence first and hope for luck in a young goalie to emerge as a good number one. building from goal out is a failed strategy from the old days. Fast skilled offence is the new nhl. and I am not bashing price, I just feel this team needs a new plan.
  17. If Kreider injures Price again I want someone to go Bertuzzi on his ass.
  18. As long as Price stays healthy.... and it would be nice to see Lindgren get a game or two.
  19. Wonder what would have been without his knee injuries...
  20. I dont know why someone gave you a thumb down for this post but I find it fun and entertaining post and make a thumb up to even it out. ?
  21. Hehe. That Steve Ott - Andrew Shaw line is going to be loved by other teams...
  22. Playing a horrible game until devils score 2-0. Then it opens up. If they dont score 2-0 I am sure this ends in a 1-0 loss.
  23. Ruining a good nights sleep watching this dump. i guess I have to take this back...
  24. Cant even put enough pressure to get a single pp. And there is 2-0... and 2-1
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