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  1. If Kreider injures Price again I want someone to go Bertuzzi on his ass.
  2. As long as Price stays healthy.... and it would be nice to see Lindgren get a game or two.
  3. Wonder what would have been without his knee injuries...
  4. I dont know why someone gave you a thumb down for this post but I find it fun and entertaining post and make a thumb up to even it out. ?
  5. Hehe. That Steve Ott - Andrew Shaw line is going to be loved by other teams...
  6. Playing a horrible game until devils score 2-0. Then it opens up. If they dont score 2-0 I am sure this ends in a 1-0 loss.
  7. Ruining a good nights sleep watching this dump. i guess I have to take this back...
  8. Cant even put enough pressure to get a single pp. And there is 2-0... and 2-1
  9. There is also rumors about bigfoot being sighted... I expect that to happen more today.
  10. Fire MB now and start selling before deadline. This team is toast. not worth wasting any prospects or picks at the deadline. the productive players got old or traded and the semitalented young guys arent good enough. maybe I will also be very old before this team is contending again. ?
  11. 3.3 M/year caphit 5-6 Dman? I thought that we already had our overpayed 5-6 dman in Emelin. ah noticed its 3.3 for all three years. Caphit 1.1. Thats good. Hehe got scared for a second.
  12. Only reason to trade him is if there is concern about his knees in the future. I feel a bit scared about all the injuries.
  13. I have been saying all summer I wanted to wait and see with the Weber deal but right now it feels like that is trade is a big reason causing our offensive play. Weber is good but PK was the only real D we had that could create alot of offence. Now we are suffering alot and I think MB have to trade for shattenkirk or maybe Streit as a plan B. First he trade PK so MT would be happy and half year later he fires MT. MB better make a great move at the deadline and bring us at least to the eastern conferance finals or I will join the fire Bergevin bandwagon.
  14. From the same site The first other thing I see is this. Lol http://www.nhltraderumors.me/2017/02/nhl-trade-rumors-mike-ribeiro-demands.html
  15. What I learned from watching this afternoon game is that I will not ruin sleep by staying up late to watch a regular time game. Maybe instead of being buyers MB should concider being a seller at the deadlines.
  16. Will they stop with the weak passing soon? Blindpasses behind their backs, soft passes not reaching the reciever...
  17. Its still only Juliens first game. I am sure he is already taking notes what needs changes and not. Hopefully we will see some changes for 2nd period.
  18. Emelin needs more help from the forwards. If there is three winnipeg players between him inside the d zone and his teammate forwards at the red line its a bit hard squeezing the puck through without getting an icing call against... like that last shift pleky is also helping in own zone makes is alot easier to find a good passing lane. Maybe I am seeing it wrong... I dont know but I dont think Emelin has played that bad so far.
  19. If Sergachev was a 5 year project I would also understand the will to trade him now for a cuprun but from what I read about him it sounds like he is ready to be a major contributor to our team as soon as maybe next season. And we need a Markov replacment in the top4 asap. Unless its a super return we should never trade him.
  20. So if you got Tavares and Halak from the Isles for Price you wouldnt concider completing that trade? Or are you trying to say I want Halak over Price?
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