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  1. Emelin needs more help from the forwards. If there is three winnipeg players between him inside the d zone and his teammate forwards at the red line its a bit hard squeezing the puck through without getting an icing call against... like that last shift pleky is also helping in own zone makes is alot easier to find a good passing lane. Maybe I am seeing it wrong... I dont know but I dont think Emelin has played that bad so far.
  2. If Sergachev was a 5 year project I would also understand the will to trade him now for a cuprun but from what I read about him it sounds like he is ready to be a major contributor to our team as soon as maybe next season. And we need a Markov replacment in the top4 asap. Unless its a super return we should never trade him.
  3. So if you got Tavares and Halak from the Isles for Price you wouldnt concider completing that trade? Or are you trying to say I want Halak over Price?
  4. There is your answer. And he is doing great. but as I said before I dont see the Islanders doing that trade.
  5. Id rather go for Halak and Tavares but i think Price is to old for the isles to rebuild around.
  6. No offence but this discussion coming all the way back from last summer is not because of people here thinking Weber is god. It comes from people here thinking Subban is god.
  7. Is Hudon ready for a callup soon?
  8. And one of those coaches has alot of cups now. The other is coach of a team with almost no pressure and fans...
  9. Jose Theodore 2.0? Maybe the new slimmer leggings is the problem...
  10. Bring in Halak! Im sure the Isles are prepared to take back half his salary and his stats in ahl is good. haha. I dont know... getting desperate here.
  11. That scares me a bit.. it reminds me of the package we gave for dr. Mark Recchi.
  12. The even bigger question is how many pages will the fire bergevin thread increase with after people here see what he gives the Avs in this trade.
  13. Is it possible that playing Galchenyuk at C makes him bigger risk for more knee injuries? I never played hockey myself so I am not sure but is it possible that playing the wing will make it easier for him to stay away from bad hits that could reinjure his knees? It seems his kneeinjuries comes when he started playing C. Maybe I am wrong.
  14. Have no fear, St. David is healthy and here.
  15. Trade Price to the Isles for Tavares and Halak? Haha
  16. Watching rangers vs redwings now on swedish tv and the swedish commentators just said that almost all starting goalies from the world cup are having slumps from december and whole of january.
  17. What about Markov? Thing is I think it is not possible to get a much cheaper deal with Markov concidering he is still producing alot of points. Is he worth 2 more years at 4,5-5,5M/year? Would he take less than 5? Maybe keeping Markov is helping us keep Radulov.
  18. Im just thinking maybe MB feels he cant let same thing happen again.
  19. Kirk Muller our new head coach before new years? I say it will happen if we lose against kings today. If it happens this losingstreak could be the best to happen for this team in a long time. But of course I want a win and that Pacs and BGally has a big part of that.
  20. I think you guys are very optimistic. If he gets 70+ with 30+ goals expect him to get 8+ Million per year.
  21. Wasnt that the same that happened to beaulieu?
  22. Maybe they will try to look like the last nhl team to have the name "golden ___". Lol
  23. Brent Burns signs 8 year extension for 8M/year. He is 31 years old. Is Burns "still elite at 39"-good?
  24. Agreed! Neil is the player Brandon Prust never could be for us. Almost 1000 games in the NHL is very good for an agitator to stay competetive. When people talk about the Senators 50 years in the future the first two players people will think of is Daniel Alfredsson and then it is Chris Neil.
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