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  1. I watched Mike Johnson and Craig Button talking about when its time for the habs to compete and Button said its time to aim for playoffs next season. Made me think and then Ill just throw it out here. If we dont win the draft lottery would it be worth sending our 7-8th overall pick to the pens for a salary retained Sid Crosby including a conditional 1st next year (the worst of our two pics) if he resigns/we win the cup. Maybe them taking Armia or maybe Gallagher as well if possible...
  2. I remember Swedish experts saying Buium looked better than Hutson in a few games in the world juniors.
  3. I hope all teams start slapshooting the empty net against the laffs after this.
  4. Allen is ok backup material on a good team. He is not good enough to keep this habsteam in games. Wish Xhekaj was playing considering the irritation late there.
  5. Poor Harris. Concussion for sure. Nice to see Slaf, Suzuki and Matheson getting more points. Hope we can at least stay close in the game and not get blowout.
  6. Jets two bad losses since Monahan-trade. Our 1st rounder looking better every day.
  7. He has alot of hype not only for fighting. I think there is a big risk he will never have as high value in a trade as now. Doesnt meant we have to trade him though.
  8. Wifi also have alot of added hype value that could give us more in a trade than we deserve.
  9. How about trying to acquire a C like Ryan Johansen or Radek Faksa just to fill the missing C position temporarily?
  10. Any available overpayed Centremen around with expiring contracts this year or next? I think we should try to get one... Or two...
  11. I hope Suzuki will become our Steve Y och Patrice Bergeron.
  12. I think it would be way more fun to make it a legends game with players like Gretzky, Lemieux, Yzerman and so on.
  13. I hope he can keep up his nhl goals/game ratio.. 😁
  14. Thats great! The fans can give him standing ovation without him ruining the team.
  15. Zegras = the new PLD? Im not sure I want to do another Mark Recchi trade.
  16. Maybe if LA retains 20% and takes Dvorak we can liberate them of PLD... 😁
  17. How good is the son of Saku? Id love for us to draft him and he would have a great help in his dad.
  18. What cheapshots do you mean? The blindside hit by usa in 2nd period? The stickswing by usa in 2nd period? Both uncalled.
  19. I guess Im a bit biased. But no doubt USA was the best team and well deserved winners.
  20. Love the feistyness of Hutson though. Some gallagher in him. Maybe from trainingcamp?
  21. Nah, an american also crosschecked a swede in the back after whistle with 31s left.
  22. Being bad winners earns them some punches in the face. If the Americans respected the losing team this would not have happened. We are not "chicken swedes" anymore.
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