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  1. Maybe if LA retains 20% and takes Dvorak we can liberate them of PLD... 😁
  2. How good is the son of Saku? Id love for us to draft him and he would have a great help in his dad.
  3. What cheapshots do you mean? The blindside hit by usa in 2nd period? The stickswing by usa in 2nd period? Both uncalled.
  4. I guess Im a bit biased. But no doubt USA was the best team and well deserved winners.
  5. Love the feistyness of Hutson though. Some gallagher in him. Maybe from trainingcamp?
  6. Nah, an american also crosschecked a swede in the back after whistle with 31s left.
  7. Being bad winners earns them some punches in the face. If the Americans respected the losing team this would not have happened. We are not "chicken swedes" anymore.
  8. Slaf playing good on pp. He should get a spurt of points soon.
  9. Did Xhekaj get benched? Maybe StLouis is scared he will kill someone.
  10. What happened to the team from a few weeks ago? This is horrible.
  11. Monahan playing great and now Suzuki got a goal too. Maybe Slaf gets his game tonight. Go Habs Go!
  12. Happy with our pp last night. Alse so nice to see that the days of Jaques Martin, Therrien and the others seems to be over.
  13. Expecting a loss in this one. Third game in four nights and against by far the best team. Hope Im wrong.
  14. Gally looking like a 6.5M player tonight. Good win. I watched 3 games this season so far. 3W.
  15. Yeah but I think the two last ones were garbage
  16. Even first period. Of course Skinner scores against us.
  17. Habkiller Jeff Skinner. 23 goals in 38 games against us. 40 points. Reminds me of pageau in Ottawa.
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