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  1. They called a 5 minute major and kicked him out of the game ... no damage done to me thankfully. But I have to admit I did deck him with a phatty cross check for slashing our goalie after the wistle ... lets just say he was laying on the ground kicking and crying like a little girl ... just a couple of those kicks connected with my legs. What does that have to do with this topic ?? he doesn't supsend people .. Colin Cambell does
  2. I wish the NHL was running the hockey league I play in .... in my game last thursday I got kicked in the leg buy a guy and he's only getting suspended 1 game ...
  3. you guys cannot compare the Simon incident with this one .... Simon is a re-tard .. he had just come off a 25 game suspension for 2 handing someone in the face ... and couldn't keep out of trouble not even a month after he got back. he got 30 games because he's an idiot .. not just because he stepped on someone. If he had not come off a 25 game supension I highly doubt he would have gotten 30 game after that. Sould Pronger have gotten more ? maybe but it's all subjective ... but the next time a guy steps on someone that wasn't just supended like Simon was will probably get based off of the 8 games Pronger got.
  4. I will be at that game ... finally get to go to a live habs game for the first time in 4 years
  5. The good thing about this is that some of these guys might be with the Bulldogs very soon or next season ... and it would be nice to see that winning inviornment continue in Hamilton so that when the BIG prospects go to hamilton they can thrive with a good team.
  6. I think Keith Van Horn just won the lottery ...
  7. That's must be it, because there isn't anything else to write about that is more important than a hockey player snatching a purse by mistake. ... shame on the Florida media not blowing this way out of porportion and not making it front page news like the tabloids in Montreal. Just because the Florida media decided not to run with this "mega" story does not mean that people there don't care for hockey. The fact that O'bryne snatched a purse has absolutly nothing to do with hockey.
  8. Yes but you have to admit that Selanne's sitation and Niedermeyer's is completely different. Selanne was a UFA so yes he can do what he wants ... just like you have the choice if you want to work or not. I don't think this is something that will catch on with other UFA's ... especially good ones like Sundin or say Marian Hossa etc ... reason being they'll make less money .. and chances are they could come back and be totally destroyed but the time they took off ... what if Selannes blows the rest of the season. Think the Ducks or anyone will think twice about signing him to a big contract if he decided to come back another year ? Say if an UFA like Hossa takes that kind of time off and signs a cheap 1 year deal ... comes back and sucks gets hurt and can't play anymore ... think he'll pass that up for the chance for him to cash in on a long term gaurenteed contact for a chance at the cup ?
  9. Have to admit ... Guitar Hero III is hella fun and addicting
  10. why shouldn't it be allowed ?? there is a deadline .. it's the trade deadline .. players must be under contract by the trade deadline to be eligible for playoffs. Selanne was an UFA which means he can do what ever he wants .. he doesn't have to sign anything as long as he didn't file retierement papers ( which he didn't ) ... so if he wanted to sign the day before the trade deadline then that's his choice. Now the Niedermeyer situation is a different thing .. he was under contact and held out. that's where the league needs to step in and do something. Keep players who are under contract from holding out for so long.
  11. I don't think Florida would want just youth back for Ollie ... I'm pretty sure they'd want some type of impact player back in return that has a semi decent contract. Like for example Tanguay + ... Florida can't afford to re-build. They have good young players and need to start getting compedative asap.
  12. I'm assuming he got the 3 rings of death ? ... my buddy got that and did the towel trick and it worked again ... but he's still sending it off to mircosoft
  13. Unless the CBA changes again .. you can't break a deal ... only career ending injury , retirement or buyout can cancel a contract.
  14. I like this ... Osgood understands his role with the team and wants to be there for the rest of his career ... even if it's as a back up. A very good back up by his #'s this year.
  15. If he can maintain his level of play for all those years it will definatly be worth every penny.
  16. Ribeiro has 21 goals and 46 points in 41 games .. who on the habs can say that ... also an interesting stat is he's only taken 58 shots all year according to TSN ... that's 36% shooting percentage. Makes you wonder why he doesn't shoot more.
  17. I didn't mention anything about disrespecting the vets or that the kids have not outplayed them .. they have ... The point I was making is that why screw with the depth of the team ? Also what will that do to the borderline vets still on the team ? they'll grip they're sticks tighter hoping not to screw up and get sent down too. instead of playing the way they play. Also I would not be suprised if guys like Begin , Smoky , Dandy , KT would get claimed in a heart beat .. those are the kind of guys teams look for when gearing up for playoff runs. especially if they had to get recalled on re-entry waivers.
  18. problem is though is say you get rid of those vets ... like begin , TK , Dandy etc .. then who do you call up if anyone else gets injured ? ... it's good to know that Lil K , Maxim and Rhino can play... but if they get sent down then that's ok .. hopefully they can continue to develop .. learn more aspects of the game and dominate the AHL.
  19. More than likely it's because of the Terms of Service. PS3 users don't have to sign Xbox's terms of service ( which you do when you sign up for live ) and vice versa. Xbox and PS3 would have no control over people from the other console which can lead to big problems. That and I'm sure Mircosoft and Sony despise one another
  20. I'm not so much suprised but I'm glad that A. Kostitsyn is finally starting to show his talent ... he's becoming a consistant threat every night. He's growing more and more confident in his abilities and making plays almost every shift. I think if he keeps growing at the rate he is this season he could turn into a Marian Hossa type player. Also Ryder susprises me ... What happened to the guy ? I don't think anyone in the beginning of the season thought he'd struggle this bad.
  21. Good stuff last night fellas ... even though I suck at both games currently
  22. What killed the Habs tonight is the fact they came out in the 3rd an intirely different team. In the 2nd period they had jump, were forchecking and keeping the puck in the Rangers zone. The Rangers only had 1 fricken shot in the 2nd. Sounds like the uptempo forecheck was working defensively. So what does the team do ? come out in the 3rd and completly abandon what was wroking for them. The Rangers were tired and beatin in the 2nd period .. The Habs let them back into this game by not going for the jugular. They sat back and tried to bore the Rangers to death. That = loss in OT ... once Drury scored you could see they got life back and the Habs didn't have a chance to win the game, They had lost they're jump and couldn't get it back.
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