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  1. I think we're finally going to see the Shlem. Maybe Weber too if we're lucky.
  2. That was vintage Montreal Canadiens, Carey Price stealing the show. Columbus has a real good team. Strong blueline. Having Jones as Werenski must be nice. I could see them doing some damage in the playoffs.
  3. Bad penalty by Drouin. Very Habesque to allow the goal so close to the end of the period.
  4. Do you think he is a number 3 d-man on a team who has one of the top 10 groups of defense in the NHL? I think he can be a second pairing guy, but there is a big difference between being a number 3 who can help out number 4 compared to being the number 4 who is well supported on the pairing. Based on the lack of constancy and frequent soft play, I think he is more of a 4 than a 3. However, some nights he looks great and plays like he could be a 2.
  5. That is a sign of what is wrong with this team. Petry does have good nights but he is far too inconsistent, and his mistakes too bone headed for him to be considered a top 3 d man. Hopefully Jerabek will look good in his debut.
  6. The last two minutes of the second period are basically the identity of this team. They struggle so much to score I feel like it is already over.
  7. Need more traffic to the front of the net. Make it messy!
  8. Disaster narrowly avoided at the end of the period. How does Petry not hold that puck in off the draw?
  9. Finally our savior has arrived! Hopefully Mete will be made available for the world juniors.
  10. I retract my earlier statement from tonight. I DO NOT think this team will make the playoffs.
  11. I think they will end up making the playoffs but I think that the team is still missing a piece or two. I'm just not sure how they can add without subtracting from the roster.
  12. It would be worth loosing every game to get Rasmus. However I fear this team may be stuck in the middle.
  13. Bone head move from Petry is the norm unfortunately. If I'm the coach, I'm starting Weber Drouin Galchenyuk every OT. CJ loves starting with Plek and Byron
  14. Word was we offered the same cash and he choose Dallas. Not much we can do about that. Not to mention given his age, I bet that contract starts looking terrible in a year or two.
  15. Penalty aside, Galchenyuk has been looking way better.
  16. I know it is only November, but given their place in the standings and the fact we're playing the Sabers, I fell like this is must win game.
  17. Silver lining, Galchenyuk looked good tonight. Much better than Pacioretty. Morrow also had a strong game
  18. I don't think Mete was on the ice for the shorty. Petry was the D man on at the time.
  19. Looks like galchenyuk is getting more ice this period
  20. Is it just me or is Chuck getting some time at center
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