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  1. Thanks for the invite, I guess your promise to re-invite was false and my being dropped just before the draft looks less and less like an error. Can I assume I will not be re-invited to the SK league as well?
  2. Got 4 together for Nov 8 vs Minnesota aka Guy Lapointe Night.
  3. I think its clear that with the butcher job Gillis has done in Vancouver that he likely was the early Bufallo GM.
  4. This is easily the best deal that Gauthier had made since he has taken the GM role full-time. It could very well be his last. and I too think you should probably leave the captaincy out of this good news Brian.
  5. So since when did Marshawn Lynch turn into C2K? Where did he go for the last what 3 seasons? He looks unstoppable lately, tonight particularly.
  6. I've got #52 on mine (which will be proudly on display at Game 3) and it's not for Darche
  7. BIG game today, hopefully the successful roadtrip isn't spoiled in the next 4 games (3 @ home) which "should" be tough one's. http://www.nhl.com/ice/schedulebyweek.htm?...10&team=mtl just RDS unless of course you get MSG, I for one prefer my hockey without MSG
  8. awesome Abi, another excellent reason to have you back
  9. they are smarter than I thought
  10. David B

    F1 Genius

    http://tsn.ca/auto_racing/story/?id=283783 Likely wasn't referring directly to the Holocaust but come on, use your head. :nono:
  11. :?- Do you mean Bufallo?
  12. what is the area & country code to call Austria?
  13. Sadly I did come here to agree with you after reading the thread title, too bad you went a little goofy I will however say that I believe it is time for Mike to stop picking that fight.
  14. ie: one of them getting a gun pulled on him in a MTL bar???
  15. Alex said it's OK for you to come back Colin. Which team are you going to take?
  16. Thanks Mike!!!!! It all boiled down to two things for me 1) Tyler Thigpen and his unexpected performance in the 2nd half of the season & 2) Trading Lee Evans for D'Angelo Williams which turned out to be VERY lopsided in my favour. Here's the #'s on those two post-trade: Williams --> 675 rush yds, 9 rec, 42 rec yds & 14 TDs Evans --> 21 rec, 397 rec yds, & 0 TDs Before the trade they were VERY comparable (especially at that point when it looked like J Stewart might be taking over Williams' role). Thanks for that deal Revvv, it's about time I won one with you. Thanks also to Brian who seems to be the one every year to make the Yahoo pools fly.
  17. I find that to be true when comparing Teacher's to childcare workers. Our tax dollars directly fund teacher's salaries and don't really do much for the childcare worker. Teacher's make astronomical amounts of $$$ & get their summers off & (insert other perks here) while childcare workers educate and have a major role in the development of your child while you go back to work all for minimum wage and no other real holiday's besides the Statutory holidays that most of us get anyway. It has been mentioned that the biggest impact on your child's development is in their first 2-3 years yet the persons responsible for assisting in this development live at or below the poverty line. Then people wonder why there are no spots for their children at Childcare Centre's, there is a serious shortage of facilities because there are is a serious shortage of workers. The government assists families who send children to daycare while I feel those dollars would be better spent on wages for these workers. No I am not advocating for someone specific, it's just something that has caught my eye now that I have a child who certainly benefits from the childcare worker. I do my part in paying more monthly for childcare than I do on my mortgage, I certainly won't be doing the same once my daughter enters the school system.
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