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  1. I’m with cucumber on this one. We won in spite of them. There’s no reason to pour kerosene on the fire.
  2. The keep doing what you’re doing is the logical path. However.. You best be sure that IF Montreal holds them off for the first two periods of game 4 Vegas will start doubting their ability to turn the series around. I’m so hoping we come and continue playing the way we did in overtime.
  3. And this ladies and gentlemen is why game 4 is, in my eyes, is THE most important game in any seven game series. Win it and you have them by the jugular. Winning game 3 in the manner they did will just further demoralize Vegas and undoubtedly embed the seed of doubt in their collective heads.
  4. Listening to the deBoer presser. We are soooooooo in their heads it’s not even funny.
  5. I’m absolutely flabbergasted by the ineptitude of the refs
  6. What the hell was Patches’ issue at the end of the game??
  7. My 8yr old noticed them too!! I thought he was yanking my chain..
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