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  1. With Suzuki and Kotkaniemi firmly entrenched, Anderson and Romanov to join and potentially Caufield. This team is completely different from October of last year.
  2. How about doing nothing? We’re a playoff team right now. Save the money for trade deadline. Make big move. Win Cup. Who’s with me?
  3. 5.3 left for cap space. Any big move requires money going out now I would assume.
  4. There’s a possibility that a big ticket UFA will have to wait tmrw. Lots of teams hurting for cap space.
  5. We have a trade to announce! Just kidding.... I just like the way that sounds.
  6. Can we get a thread absolutely jammed with dad jokes? Asking for a friend.
  7. Nice. Is this foreplay for something a little more exciting?
  8. Excited for tmrw night. I think we’re on the verge of a legitimate cup window. Many stars have aligned for us and and MB has to pounce in one way or another.
  9. I thought our D could be really good next year. One of the sure bright spots. Chiarot Weber Kulak Petry Romanov Fleury/Juulsen Mete
  10. I like it. With Price now being 33, this is a big deal. I also understand that the 20-21 season will not start until Dec. 1 - at the earliest- however an 82 game schedule remains on tap.
  11. you didn’t watch Dallas and Calgary last night?
  12. I have to say that MB is playing Vigneault like a flute. Much like I expect our forwards to play Gosti.
  13. Fanatic: Someone who redoubles his efforts when he has forgotten his aim. Go Hans Go!
  14. Surgical repair required. Gally is out indefinitely
  15. CT scheduled for Gallagher this afternoon. Hope it comes back negative.
  16. Any chance the “broken jaw” is gamesmanship? Given the choice, I’d prefer Gally in over Niskanen out.
  17. JD’s pass was on point but THE PATIENCE by the Big Nick. Very un-rookie.
  18. Fanatic: Someone who redoubles his efforts when he has forgotten his aim. Go Hans Go!
  19. We need a mule - that doesn’t play net. Someone to put the team on their back.
  20. Carey has let in 3 goals this series. In 3 games. We’re right in this thing.
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