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  1. So hopefully Habs games would be ok in Ontario? Or would it depend who they were playing?
  2. Thanks guys! I was thinking about the Gamecentre app, but I didn't know if blackouts came in to effect with it.
  3. I recently cut my tv cable (saving $80/month for something I barely used) and the only downside is that I can't watch live sports. I tried the Kodi thing, and that was an abysmal failure, so I was wondering if you guys have tried the Rogers NHL live or any of the other apps with any success.
  4. Perceived elite... after all, Tim Peel made the best ref list! Nice to see Weber still getting respect around the league.
  5. Definitely. But maybe going with a hunch and because Patch was just brutal on his breakaways on Saturday?
  6. No... but it might effect my enjoyment of the game I'm going to this Saturday.... I was looking forward to seeing him live!
  7. He plays for Nashville now...
  8. I'm no Bergevin fan, but maybe Pleks has no interest in playing anywhere else, and Mr Fancy Suits is accommodating a loyal, lifelong Hab's wishes?
  9. To be fair, he showed a lot of character on that play, and certainly no attempt was made to move the puck up the ice. Solid, modern defence.
  10. True enough, but the probability of Trump admitting he's an idiot and resigning is higher than the Habs making the playoffs.
  11. I dunno, I think there's classier ways to get rid of a medal than making a spectacle of it IMO. You can let the winners have their moment, and then quietly give it away after the fact.
  12. Did they at least sharpen his skates first?
  13. Happy Holidays to all, and may 2018 bring us some better hockey! (if not Tavares)
  14. I would have found it funny if I hadn't been so bloody freezing out there! The beer was freezing faster than I could drink it! Hard to believe that the venue wasn't selling any hot beverages (save bacon corn chowder, I suppose).
  15. I always wondered, do players continue to earn their NHL salary in these situations?
  16. I liked Pouliot in Montreal, but he's pissed me off since!
  17. He says his recovery has stagnated, so he's going to take a few days off from skating. Says he shouldn't be out long. Turns out the injury came from warm-up in that game against Minnesota. He didn't really recognize that something was wrong until the next day.
  18. Though he did work with Waite earlier in the morning.
  19. A lesser man would have implicated the concussion in Hemsky's forgetfulness... I guess I'm that guy...
  20. Julien said that Price will probably resuming practicing this week, and that the injury isn't related to the one 2 years ago.
  21. I can understand the ego thing; that frustrates me at times as well. In this case, I don't feel that the post that you referred to came off with "I told you so" vibe, but rather with the OP stating his drafting preference at the time. That's why I thought the response was inappropriate, and I thought I'd try to nip things in the bud.
  22. Was that before or after his injury?
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