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GDT: Buffalo vs Montreal (3-28-09, 7 PM EST)


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Well the Panthers have really been a better team since they traded their overrated underachieving Finnish captain lol....

That and ribs has a goal, an assist, and is plus one... Its Turco we (and Dallas) can't seem to count on these days....

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Are we trying to recreate the Habs locker room, circa 2005...

ribs.. bite me... Koivu.. I going to tell Gainey on you... Theo.. anyone seen my hair gel?


Too much bickering about who supports which player.

Here's a hint: stop supporting individual players and support the team. :hlogo:

Cry me a river

I know that they say

That somethings are better left unsaid

It wasn't like you only talked to him and you know it

(Don't act like you don't know it)

All of these things people told me

Keep messing with my head

(Messing with my head)

You should've picked honesty

Then you may not have blown it


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