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[Game Thread] Calgary Flames @ MONTREAL CANADIENS


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Puck recovery on our PP sucks..

Its seems we get one shot.. then out of the zone.

Have we had a single real scoring opportunity yet?

screen, but Halak has to get that one.. team is flatter then my first girlfriend.

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Nice toe drag attempt by A Kosts, but he needs to routinely be trying moves like that.

But the shot was a waste.. He either had to go in or shoot through the screen... Kipper will stop those all night long from that far out.

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A Kosts shot was from to far out to beat Kipper, but the shot surprised Kipper none the less. Most of A Kosts shots this year have been simple for the goalies to telegraph because hes been stoping the puck before he shoots for some silly reason.

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So far the habs are responding to the crap from Calgary, but only to the extent they get a penalty. If you are going to stick up for your mate and take a penalty... then kick the crap out of the guy and actually send a message. Right now, we are encouraging Calgary to keep it up since they don't really get beat up and they often get the PP.

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At least we are hanging around in this game. Calgary's forecheck is frustrating. Dump and chase. One Flames forward versus one of our chasing D and then an assigned forward makes a hit on the same chasing puck protecting D. Immediate 2 on 1 down low.


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