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Nov. 6, Laval vs Syracuse, 7 PM


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(Lines are from last game with some guesses)


Harvey-Pinard - Poehling - Caufield
Roy - Dea - Martel

Dauphin - Vejdemo - Bourque

Baddock - Beaudin - Martel


Fairbrother - Ouellet

Norlinder - Belpedio

Paquette-Bisson - Schueneman






(Lines are from last game)


Fortier - Huntington - Morand

Goncalves - Dumont - Koepke

Hudon - Elie - Walcott

Element - Ryfors - Cajkovic


Day - Lohan

Jones - Lees

Green - Wardley



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14 hours ago, alfredoh2009 said:

On the game summary, some reasons to be disapointed and happy:

* the good: Caufield, Schueneman, Dauphin

* the bad: Poehling, Ylonen

* the ugly: 0 on 4 in the PP



Caufield needs to be producing. He’s getting chances, but needs to start burying them. Doesn’t help when the NHL and AHL to teams both suck.

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