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    I swear, if he doesn't sign with Montreal this spring, I will voice my displeasure on the internet! And I'll use a really angry-looking font!
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    Agreed. Player development and obsession about character (especially given his own hiring decisions) has been horrible. I was only speaking to the point about letting him make more moves this year. IMO, he should have been fired when took the Subban-Weber trade proposal to Molson. there are so many other major things that soured me on MB from the start: - hiring MT - not hiring Robinson- twice!!! - signing Briere not signing Subban long-term befoere the lockout and than going bridge Those are just decisions I hated in his first year in the job.
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    Yeah. We have a newborn, so she's had issue with her posture due to breastfeeding + holding the baby + carrying the car seat, etc. Should be ok after her treatments on Friday. I hope our record can remain perfect tonight. Last season or 2 seasons ago, not sure, we thought we were done against the Red Wings as they were leading 1-0 after 58 minutes or so. But we scored a late goal and then won in OT.
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    Don't forget the angry emoticons...
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    Desharnais is quoted in the book saying after a bad game Therrien didn't talk to players at practice on ways to improve their game, instead he'd call them individually into his office 2 hours before the next game to rip into them, leaving them angry, frustrated, and unable to concentrate. There is this 24ch video of Michel belittling Subban, and then when PK starts to ask a question he gets interrupted, given meaningless direction, and ignored. Ryan Whitney has told numerous stories about how poorly Therrien interacts with his players. Briere's story isn't a non-story. It is added context as to why players tune him out after 3 seasons.
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    Context is important. A coach who costs his teams playoff series by taking TWO selfish penalties is pretty much the pot calling the kettle black.
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    I sure hope that the fart I juste ripped will not travel too far within my coworker's airspace...
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    Don't worry, no one could be more cynical than yourself, although sidekick29 is a close 2nd. Not sure if he has had anything positive to say about the Habs in...ever?
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    I don’t want the guy who picked up king, martinson, ott and Benn on a team starving for offence in advance of the playoffs making any more decisions. Don't even get me started on not resigning Markov and giving stupid money and term to a pylon like Alzner, or trading a Norris winner that will be in his prime for the duration of his contract for a guy who will be in decline for at least 4 years of his contract.
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    Congratulations. On the lineup front, Schlemko is in for Mete. Ottawa's starting Condon instead of Anderson which isn't entirely surprising considering the fact that the Habs lit up Anderson the last two times they played (the one matchup this season plus the preseason finale).
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    Giroux took off when he was shifted to the wing. He's a better fit there at this stage of his career than down the middle.
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    I do not want that contract on a declining player. Scott gomez part 2.
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    Brace yourself. I'm supposed to be attending the game with my girlfriend tonight. (if her back doesn't hurt too much to sit for 3 hours...) Our record together is like 11-0 or 12-0, not sure. Promising.
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    My worry is that Price stands on his head and we do push in to the playoffs. We loose in the first round and MB claims some sore of victory and in his presser we get the puck luck and anything can happen in the playoffs talk. Nothing gets properly addressed and we find ourselves in the same position for years to come. If we crap out then changes will be made - necessary changes. I don't want this team to be mediocre for the next 8 years while MB plays his whack a mole trying to fill holes all the while the real core issues don't get addressed. I think this team needs a deep cutting and semi rebuild and that won't happen if we squeak in to the playoffs.
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    And just to add context to the playoff situation this year, the Habs don't need to outperform Carolina, New York x 2, Pittsburgh, Washingon, New Jersey, or Columbus to make the playoffs... they only need to outperform Detroit, Boston, Ottawa, and Florida. to grab the #3 spot in the Atlantic. Detroit - is in 3rd place, have 9 players with NTC's, have a worse defense squad than Montreal, 5 picks in the first 3 rounds, less than zero cap space, 1 UFA trade chip. Verdict: can't really add for their playoff run, this is basically their team til the end of the season... basically their team next season too. Boston - 1 point out of 3rd and have games in hand, are in a mild bit of injury trouble, an iffy cap situation depending on that injury trouble, an underperforming #1 goalie, 1 UFA trade chip. Verdict: Probably in the best position out of the 5 to make a playoff push. Ottawa - 2 points out of 3rd place and have games in hand, plenty of deadline cap space, no good UFA trade chips, no first or second round pick this year, already blew their load getting Matt Duchene. Verdict: Will make a push right to the end, but might not be willing to make any more moves. Florida - 3 points out of 3rd place and have one game in hand, plenty of cap space, no key UFA trade chips, a few assets to deal. Verdict: This is the organization that gave Las Vegas 45 goals for a 4th round pick, so who the #### knows what they're going to do the rest of this season. Montreal - 2 points out of 3rd place with no games in hand, a downright absurd amount of cap space for a major market organization, 1 UFA trade chip, little prospect depth to deal, 5* picks in the first 3 rounds. Verdict: ?????? Also of note: none of these teams fighting for 3rd in the Atlantic currently have a positive goal-differential... *5 picks assuming Sergachev plays 40 games for Tampa. 16 games to go.
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    I've lived in Ottawa since 2000, and I do not remember any of Garrioch's predictions concerning the Canadiens ever materializing.
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    Man. All you have to do is concede that the original statement about building a new core every 5 years, was not what you were trying to get across, and this argument ends. Looks to me like you are both inferring the same thing, but picking out points to argue for the sake of it.
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    Bob's take on USA juniors; "The top offensive line is potentially projected to be Ottawa Senators (2016) first-rounder Logan Brown between Edmonton Oiler (2017) first-rounder Kailer Yamamoto and Buffalo Sabre (2017) first rounder Casey Mittelstadt. That trio would bring impressive extremes of size, skill and speed. Mittelstadt plays in the middle at the University of Minnesota but is viewed as a left winger for Team USA. There appears to be the prospect of considerable strength down the middle. Beyond Brown, strong contenders to lock down roster spots include Montreal Canadien (2017) first- rounder Ryan Poehling; Boston Bruin (2016) first-rounder Trent Frederic and San Jose Shark (2017) first-rounder Josh Norris. Now, it’s important to note that any of these three centers could end shifting to the wing if needed, but if Team USA opts to go with them in the middle it looks to be a strong group."