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  1. Don't forget Edmondson, he's going to be a fine addition to the blue line plus so will Romanov. Plus we added guys who have won a cup. For me I just feel the most improved Canadian team's this off season are Montreal and Calgary.
  2. But you're forgetting Calgary and Montreal greatly improved their team. Edmonton did nothing, Toronto got older and slower, Vancouver lost a lot of depth, jets did nothing and Ottawa improved.
  3. I think Calgary and Montreal will fight it out for 1st. I think those are the 2 teams who have addressed their teams needs the most.
  4. Ok so theirs been talk of a all Canadian division because of covid19 and crossing the border concerns. So were would Montreal finish in a division vers the other Canadian team's? I think Calgary, Montreal have addressed team needs, more than the other Canadian team's. Vancouver lost a lot of talent but still has a good mix of players and depth. Edmonton and Jets didn't address any need's and I like what Ottawa is doing but still a young team. Toronto i think got older and slower with some of the addition's but also added some veteran leaders to that dressing room. So with that said i think it ends up looking like this Calgary Montreal Vancouver Toronto Edmonton Jets Ottawa I think this could be the order in which teams would finish. Just based on who improved the most in the off season.
  5. If we trade Byron and weal that would clear up about 5mil in cap space. I would add one or both of these guys on a cheap 1 year contract. Lehkonen / Soderberg / Athanasiou could be a really nice gritty 4th line for us. Plus all 3 guys can move up the line up if they're any injuries.
  6. I think an interesting name still out there that's a veteran and could be a good 4th line Center would be SÖDERBERG. Or if you want to gamble a Little sign ATHANASIOU, he can play both wings and center. Either guy Could be a good addition on the 4th line especially if they look at trading Byron to add cap space.
  7. I agree with Tatar and weal and also one if not both of lehkonen and Armia. But I think they keep Mete and trade Kulak. It would be cheaper for them to keep Mete over Kulak.
  8. I think they ended up meeting in the middle. Maybe Gallagher was asking for 7 over 8 and Bergevin was offering 6. Talks broke off then they came back with 6.5mil over 6. Both sides agree to it.
  9. Just in Gallagher signed 6.5mil over 6 years. What's everyone's thoughts. Think this means Byron will be moved for cap space and Tatar won't be back.
  10. Yeah or should of used the word replaced. But it's the same as expandable. A few years ago you would have to give them what they wanted. But now I don't think that's the case.
  11. So if they're asking for 6.5mil-8mil you would sign them both to that money?
  12. With Gallagher and Danault contract about to end depending on what they're asking for are they expandable? Tatar Gallagher Danault Armia Weal Lehkonen Kotkaniemi All have contracts coming to an end. Then you have Suzuki Next year. I don't think Bergevin can sign everyone one. I can see him not signing Tatar Weal Armia and lehkonen are borderline to resign or not. He can also trade Byron and Kulak to free up more money. But at what price do you walk away from Danault and/or Gallagher. With the added depth on wing and at center their isn't a need to must sign them at any cost any more. For me both players are 5-6mil dollar guys. If they're asking for more as much as I hate to see them go I would look at trading them. Guess to it would also depend on what it's going to cost to re-up Kotkaniemi and Suzuki. Man if we thought this off season was fun , next year could get crazy.
  13. I don't think he'll break down. Just think if he's asking for over 7mil a year Bergevin won't do it.
  14. Nothing will happen this year with contract talks. Next year if he's not resigned I can see them trading him by the trade deadline.
  15. Toffoli / Suzuki Anderson Tatar / Danault / Gallagher Drouin / Kotkaniemi / Armia Lehkonen / Evan / Byron (if not traded) Chiarot / Weber Romanov / Petry Kulak / Edmundson Price/ Allan PP Drouin / Suzuki / Anderson Toffoli / danault / Gallagher Tatar / Kotkaniemi / Armia
  16. Suzuki and Kotkaniemi don't need to be scores. I think they need to be more Playmakers.
  17. I would move him over to the right side Chiarot / Weber Romanov / Petry Edmundson / Mete
  18. Chiarot Romanov Edmundson Don't see a need plus no cap Like I had said can see him trading Byron, Weal for picks to create cap space. Kulak could be someone trade also to clear up cap.
  19. All we can ask from a GM is to build a team that has a chance to win. For the 1st time in a long time I believe Bergevin has done that. He has finally had an off season were he has address our teams needs. It's up to the coaching staff and players now. But good job this off season Bergevin hats🎩off to you and a thank you for giving weber and price the talent around them to try and win now. Should be a fun year for habs fans. Toffoli / Suzuki / Anderson Tatar / Danault / Gallagher Drouin / Kotkaniemi / Armia Lehkonen / Evan / Byron Should be our line up if Byron isn't traded for cap relief.
  20. Toffoli / Suzuki / Anderson not a bad 1st line.
  21. Guess this means Byron will be traded
  22. I am hoping Dadonov. He would be cheaper, comes with less drama also.
  23. That's why I wasn't totally sold on him. He doesn't seem to care about wining.
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