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  1. True. I don't like our chances to go deep, so might as well bow out during the play-in and have a shot at Lafreniere at least. This is, after all, the same team we watched struggle more often than not.
  2. The thought of the Habs losing playoff games has always been painful for me....until now. I'd be thrilled if the Pens swept us via three blowouts in exchange for Lafreneiere Edit: didn't realize it was only 12.5% chance until after original post...not as enthusiastic about a tournament tank now.
  3. I'm getting a good chuckle out of the Gingras memories. His son Sebastien played 3 seasons with our local Jr A team. I remember when I heard he was coming, my first thoughts were to wonder if he had heavy shot....and if it was woefully inaccurate due to genetic factors. Sebastien managed 33 goals in 141 games played, so he was a much more accurate shooter than his old man.
  4. Smart and classy player...I always wished that there would have been a way to transplant Andrei Markov's brain into PK Subban's body.
  5. I watched a compilation of every goal the Habs scored during that 93 run on YouTube last night. I had forgotten how many goals Paul DiPietro scored (8)....he was right up there behind Damphousse and Muller.
  6. 1) Guy Lafleur - my earliest memories of hockey are watching The Canadiens on TV with my dad, and Guy was still 'The Man' 2) Patrick Roy - an absolute wall in his prime...and the key to the two Stanley Cups I have experienced as a fan when I was old enough to appreciate them 3) Mario Lemieux - the best pure offensive weapon I have ever seen on the ice 4) Stephane Richer - a pure goalscorer with a big slapshot too...still waiting for a goalscorer of his caliber all these years later sadly 5) Guy Carbonneau - he was so damn good at killing penalties in his prime, I hardly felt nervous about being down a man when he was on the ice
  7. There should have been a strict border shutdown over a month ago...our idiot leadership in Ottawa dropped the damn ball. You can't trust people to do the right thing...you have to force it / put heavy penalties in place to get compliance.
  8. Donning latex disposable gloves to get gas and shop, rarely leaving the house...doing everything I am supposed to do. So, anyone else mad as hell at the people that just HAD to follow through with their march break travel plans, and will inevitably bring hundreds of cases of COVID 19 into our communities? Anyone else mad as hell that our dimwitted Prime Minister didn't ban incoming travel before the high travel season to prevent this from happening, as the crisis was already well established 4+ weeks ago? Hope you all keep this coming wave of carriers in mind and take even more precautions than before: treat every person as if they have it, and treat every surface outside of your home as if it's smeared in poop...and we will all be healthy/alive to enjoy hockey when it returns.
  9. That should have happened weeks ago. Planes, trains, busses...they are virus incubators basically. Surfaces coated, people jammed in close together breathing in recirculated air...the perfect recipe for transmission.
  10. I like this option...fair for both parties, and in the best interest of player development.
  11. I sure hope the cornavirus mania is over with in time to resume the season.
  12. The thought of there not being any playoff hockey really stings. Even when the Habs are out, I watch a lot of playoff games. Damn it.
  13. It sounds like Tatar's injury will need singnificant rest and rehab...so likely shut down for the rest of the season. Makes no sense to take a risk to play meaningless games.
  14. I love this idea. Even if his legs are shot, I can't help but feel that keeping him on the bench and only using him to QB the powerplay would be a worthwhile experiment. His brain could surely help the disgraceful state of our power play.
  15. I agree. Factoring games in hand, Tatar being hurt and likely in no rush to return to the lineup, and a solid dose of apathy from some of our vets....we should be able to tank harder than the teams that are only slightly below us over the home stretch.
  16. I'd be happy to draft Holtz, Rossi or Perfetti...I just don't want to slip down lower than that where the odds of Bergy/Timmins blowing it increase. Not even entertaining the dream of winning the big prize in the lottery.
  17. Habs are doing their part, but unfortunately the Devils are down a goal the the Pens.
  18. I'm greedy for a talent infusion via the upper part of the 1st round of the draft...I can't help myself.
  19. Between how awful the Habs are and coronavirus concerns, think we'll see a lot of empty seats at a home game in the near future?
  20. Tank is looking good so far. Have to assume that a 3-0 lead for Nashville is far more solid than it is for the Habs.
  21. Past that now....I'm fully on board with the tank. I felt some legit happy when the Preds scored just now. I keep looking at the better players in the draft and hoping we will land one.
  22. The Sabres upset the Caps in the shootout tonight...perfect result for the tank. Let's hope the Devils find a way to get 2 points against the Pens tomorrow night.
  23. I would be amused if someone riduculed me for what I posted. I offered up a valid point that had a focus (planning a player's path of development), which is the GM's responsibility. EXECUTING that plan is a player's responsibility to be sure, however if the player fails to execute, it then falls back on the GM to alter the development plan accordingly (holding them out of the NHL lineup due to not being ready.
  24. KK being oft-injured is mostly Bergevin's fault IMO. You want someone who can step in and contribute in the NHL right away, you draft Tkachuk...not a beanpole that clearly needed 2 years of packing on muscle to be ready for the physicality of playing hockey with men. He should have spent another full season in Finland, playing in their much softer league while executing an eating and training plan given to him by the Canadiens' conditioning coach to prepare him for the AHL. After that, a full year in Laval, again executing a workout/nutrition regimen designed to get his body ready for the NHL. There are guys who are physically developed beyond their age who can jump right in after the draft, but clearly KK was not one of them.
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