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  1. Done deal as per HFboards Hawks section.
  2. Hjalmarsson to Phoenix Dauphin and Murphy to Chicago
  3. and Kovalchuk
  4. As I explained, this is not a mock draft. This is his ranking of how he thinks the picks will be ranked in 5 years. The guy just doesn't believe in the "hockey establishment" and despise pretty much every GM who are trying to keep a team competitive for many years. His opinion about hockey (and sport in general) is that you should always be trying to build a powerhouse, a dynasty. He's the biggest fan of tanking that I "know". In his mind, 3 or 4 teams have a legit chance at the Cup every year and all the 26 other teams should be selling. (I know, it doesn't make sense, the math don't add up.) Also, he doesn't believe in the way the draft is done. He swings for homerun on pretty much every pick.
  5. Vegas flipped TVR to the Canes as well.
  6. makes it Beaulieu + 5th for Schlemko + 3rd. Not so bad anymore.
  7. Eberle for Ryan Strome straight up !?!?!
  8. Yeah, I don't get Dumba either. It was a no brainer in my opinion.
  9. Keep in mind that the goal of Las Vegas is maybe not to be THAT competitive right now, but to draft a top player next year.
  10. Not if we get a deal done with Vegas.
  11. And... you know... he could maybe convince MB to... get his brother...
  12. So. There is this guy on Mathias Brunet's blog who was a scout for St-John (LHJMQ). He thinks all head scouts and GMs are waaaay too much conservative and "old fashionned" with their picks. Here is his top 31. He believes that in 5 years, this will end up as the logic draft order when we wil re-visit the draft. He's fully aware that many of these picks will happen in later rounds. 1. Cale Makar 2. Miro Heiskanen 3. Nico Hischier 4. Owen Tippett 5. Robert Thomas 6. Cody Glass 7. Nolan Patrick 8. Eeli Tolvanen 9. Joni Ikonen 10. Martin Necas 11. Kristian Vesalainen 12. Elias Pettersson 13. Gabe Vilardi 14. Casey Mittelstadt 15. Klim Kostin 16. Alexei Lipanov 17. Erik Brannstrom 18. Timothy Liljegren 19. Nick Suzuki 20. Jaret Anderson-Dolan 21. Ryan Poehling 22. Michael Rasmussen 23. Lias Andersson 24. Kailer Yamamoto 25. Ostap Safin 26. Alex Formenton 27. Ivan Lodnia 28. Grant Mismash 29. Max Gildon 30. David Farrance 31. Alexander Volkov
  13. I hope you're right... But, you know, making trades and signing... it's tough man...
  14. Markov had one less season in his legs last year... So did have Weber.
  15. I tend to wish the same here. Cuz... Markov - Weber Emelin - Petry Davidson - Benn Jerabek cuz we're fawked man... This is weak AF.
  16. For me, there is one scenario where Price gets traded. It's pretty simple. Goes down like this. Bergevin-Julien-Timmins-Daignault-Lefebvre all are fired. Clean house. Price gets traded for picks and blue chip prospects. Weber gets traded for picks and/or blue chip prospects. Pax gets traded for picks and/or blue chip prospects. Everyone older than 27 with a minimum value gets traded for picks and blue chip prospects. It's call rebuild through the draft. The real and only way to do it. Not by drafting 20ish every year for a decade. Drafting that far every year gets you mad at Timmins for not finding gems in 2nd rounds while head scouts from Florida gets praise.
  17. Price. (no joke)
  18. So 28 pts for a 21yo forward Lehkonen is great. But 28 pts for a 23yo defenseman Beaulieu means nothing ?
  19. I don't know about Hudon's future, but i'm sure more optimistic about Beaulieu's future than this 3rd rounder or Jamie Benn's...
  20. that would make my day.
  21. Dunno. What's best ? Nate for nothing. or Nate + Hudon for a 3rd.
  22. Something cool about former NHL guys now involved with medias is that they tend to talk a lot and have good stories. Alain Chainey is one of them. Former head scout with the Ducks (responsible for Getz and Perry, among others). Link is in French :|_0.html Some cool stuff : 1- Getzlaf was 5th on their list. Perry was 8th. Around the 14th pick, the GM asked everyone if Getzlaf had some issues off the ice. Chainey told him that some night, he would take it a bit light, but he was young and would mature. He was really nervous when the Caps went with their pick because their head scout was from Regina, same as Getz. They went with Erik Fehr... 2- Chainey insisted that Bryan Murray trade for a late 1st to scoop Perry. They asked the Stars about two 2nd picks for their late 1st and they said that they would wait to see if their guy would still be there. Good for the Ducks, their player got picked so they agreed to the trade. 3- Corey Perry and Ducks 1st pick in 2004 were traded to the Oilers for Mike Comrie. The next day, traded was cancelled because Oilers wanted the Ducks to pay the 1M$ bonus to Comrie and they refused. 4- Erik Karlsson !!!! 2008, the Ducks owned the 12th pick. All scouts were on Karlsson but the GM would not draft a small offensive dman. They traded down to 18th just to get an extra 2nd rounder. Sens traded up and scooped Karlsson. When Chainey asked his Europe scout what he thought of Karlsson, he asked him to rate skills from 1 to 5. His scout gave him 4.5/5 for skating, 4.5/5 for skills with the puck, 4/5 for his shot and when he asked for his Hockey IQ rating, the scout said 6/5. All they had to do was not trade down and just pick Karlsson with 12th.
  23. Lack of gems in the 2nd/3rd or late rounds are not the real problem. Wasted 1st round picks are the real problem. 2008 - None 2009 - Leblanc 2010 - Tinordi 2011 - Beaulieu McCarron, Sherback and Juulsen still have time to prove themselves.