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  1. I'm glad we signed Petry. Now, I'm probably in the minority here, but I find our D quite weak overall. It would take Romanov or Norlinder to become ELITE very very quickly for me not wanting to aquire a #1LD. Without this LEGIT #1 LD, Chiarot, Kulak and anyone on the left side will always be in the wrong chair IMO.
  2. I don't know Dumba that well. Would he be that bad playing off position as a LD ?
  3. This. IMO, Having Danault on the team to ease up Suzuki and KK + the return of a package that includes Domi >>> Having Domi on the team + the return of a package that includes Danault
  4. As long as the plan is to go all in with Price and Weber, I Don't want to pick any d-man with in the 1st round. Unless we pick top 3 and are going for a generational d-man who's gonna slot in #1 LD the very next year. Otherwise, the d-men take too long to develop and will make it too late. Draft forwards and make moves for quality D-men is what I'd do.
  5. For a #1LD for example, we might want to replace ELITE by LEGIT. Maybe we would be able to pay a little less.
  6. That was the "whispers" in Edmonton as well as New Jersery, even though he won a Hart.
  7. Bergevin traded Subban for non-hockey reasons. Is anybody here seriously thinking that he'll bring Taylor Hall in ?!?!?
  8. I'd give them a 2nd pick for that. Not Domi.
  9. You guys are mad for wanting to trade Danault and throwing Suzuki or KK in the fire against other top lines that early in their career.
  10. So, when do we draft ?
  11. wished we would pay more to get Vince Dunn like someone on here suggested in another thread, but St-Louis probably wanted none of that.
  12. I "watched" an episode in a bar in Scotland in 2010 (or 2011). Even if it was on mute, I was laughing and decided to buy the DVD as soon as I came back home.
  13. I'm not a violent man, but I could become one easily if Habs keep on relying on this dumbass drop pass strategy on the PP.
  14. I would not move Domi up the lineup that much to be honest. I Believe that a line of Hudon - Domi - Weal could have the higher hand on Aston-Reese and Tanev, for example. Then, Domi on 2nd PP would give him his TOI easily.
  15. 30 seconds in, Chiarot with an awful and useless pinch in, 2 on 1, Weber can't block the passing option, goal. Like the season never got interrupted
  16. Well… Over the years, Habs did have Larry, Ludwig and Roy. I guess it's time for Bowser.
  17. I'd like us to be able to play Caufield with Suzuki and Drouin sooner than later. Just like Buffalo did with Olofsson.
  18. I'd let Ovy, Kuznetsov or Kucherov such a nickname for now yeah.
  19. Oh shit. That sucks for you man.
  20. What happenned ? And how come 2500$ ?!?!?!
  21. What would be sent the other way ? I guess the starter pack would include Victor Mete.
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