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  1. Guy at work is big Oilers fan - suggests Nurse and Draisaitl for Galchenyuk and Sergachev interesting
  2. Another idea.. Galchenyuk and Beaulieu to Philly for Simmonds + a pick
  3. Galchenyuk and Beaulieu to Calgary for Bennett and Hamilton or Galchenyuk and Beaulieu to Edmonton for Lucic and Nurse discuss no more Weber/PK talk
  4. Trade Pacs and Beaulieu for Drouin and a pick. Trade Galchenyuk + for Landeskog (additional fodder that doesnt affect the lineup) Offer sheet Draisaitl and resign Raddy Acquire Eberle from Edmonton at a low cost ? Maybe Pleks? (preferably before the offer sheet to Leon) Trade Gallagher to Anaheim for Fowler Move Emelin for cap space Resign Markov on the cheap or let him walk.. Landeskog - Draisaitl - Radulov Drouin - Danault - Eberle Lehkonen - Shaw - Byron Martinsen - Ott - MCcaron Fowler - Weber Sergachev - Benn Markov - Petry 7 Steps to a Contender
  5. I wouldn't be surprised to see Patches go.. just a hunch. Similar to Subban, big trade coming...
  6. I'd still do it at 8m.. 6 for 48 or 7 for 56.. do it.. Based on reports, MB almost gave Lucic that much anyways so might as well give it to somebody even better.
  7. Offer sheet Draisatl .. Even if it's a 6.5 million dollar per year contract, they can't afford everybody. He's the #1 center we need.
  8. What? He was way worse than Gallagher. WAY WORSE. At least 11 was out there every shift trying, being a nuisance, 27 was floating like 67, turning the puck over or taking a bad angle shot. You keep 11 for your second line. You move 27 and 67 for a new first, and hope Raddy resigns.
  9. The sad part is.. this year was setup for a long run from the winner of this series.. Ottawa or Boston next round then the winner of the tough Caps/Pens series.. Calling it now.. NYR win the East. (And lose to Nashville)
  10. Most people hated the idea of trading Galchenyuk for Duchene. You'd be crazy not to take that deal. I'm sick of 27 and 67. Trade them both.
  11. Pacs needed to be better, but so did Price. The first NYR goal was soft - cant happen in an elimination game when you're up 1-0. Totally flipped the game. Weber was good. Radulov was our best player. Some questionable moves though - taking Mitchell out after he scored. Leaving King in when he had not done much.
  12. C'mon boys.. Gotta get one! Price should have stopped that.. Wake up fellas.
  13. I don't care what the lines are, who's in, who's out.. JUST WIN BABY!! GO HABS GO
  14. GDT

    Big game, and a big win needed. C'mon boys.. Price, Weber, Raddy - lead this team to victory! Pacs - silence those critics. GO HABS GO!
  15. Love the lineup. Good feeling that fourth line scores today. And Davidson has been itching to get in so I'm hoping he has a great game! GO HABS GO!