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  1. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Edmonton needs a shakeup and I like to stir the pot.. Pacs and Price for Draisaitl, Talbot... Go!
  2. I love the Habs, even when they struggle. My kid scored his first ever goal last week.. it doesn't matter what Montreal does this year, it won't be as good as watching him raise his arms for the first time. Pure joy... what hockey is all about. Go Habs Go, through the good and bad!
  3. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    If there are trades coming, I hope they build around Drouin.. bring in nobody over the age of 25 Potential targets Anaheim - Lindholm or Fowler Arizona - Duclair (you're not getting OEL) Calgary - Bennett Carolina - Hanifin Dallas - rights to Nichuskin (something I hope MB is hard after), Oleksiak, Ritchie Edmonton - Nurse, Yammoto (would you do Nurse and Yams for Pacs???) LA - Iafallo Minnesota - Dumba Nashville - Fiala New Jersey - Zacha NY Islanders - Beauvillier, Pulock NY Rangers - Skjei (might be the most difficult to acquire on this list), Vesey, Buchnevich Philly - Morin. Sanheim Pitts - Guentzel (again, tough trade) San Jose - Demelo, Hertl St. Louis - Barbashev, Dunn Vancouver - Burmistrov Vegas - Theodore, Tuch Winnipeg - Trouba, Dano Obviously there's tons of better talent under 25, I'm just thinking of people who could actually be acquired. As bad as the team has been, there are tradeable pieces that could land us 5 or 6 players on the list. A "rebuild" could occur pretty quickly and set the team up for several years. With solid pieces like Lehks, Gallagher, Galchenyuk, Drouin, Danault, and Mete.. there's a good chance to get young and grow.
  4. GDT Toronto @ Montreal, 7:00 pm HNIC

    Great shot by Matthews as the d backs up.. 6-0
  5. GDT Toronto @ Montreal, 7:00 pm HNIC

    Paul Byron wins a fight.. highlight of the night for Montreal
  6. GDT Toronto @ Montreal, 7:00 pm HNIC

    Niemi in.. we've reached the point where Annti Niemi is the goalie for the Montreal Canadiens
  7. GDT Toronto @ Montreal, 7:00 pm HNIC

    Oops.. 5-0 Benn and Hudon just flat
  8. GDT Toronto @ Montreal, 7:00 pm HNIC

    Yikes.. 4-0 Ugly play by Alzner
  9. GDT Toronto @ Montreal, 7:00 pm HNIC

    Petry's nicest hit of the year and it's on Lindgren.
  10. GDT Toronto @ Montreal, 7:00 pm HNIC

    There it is, down by 2, come out flat, and it's quickly 3-0.
  11. GDT Toronto @ Montreal, 7:00 pm HNIC

    Yeah, I used to be a MB supporter but I can't do it anymore. I had huge hopes for this season, and they haven't even played 25 games and I'm looking forward to the draft.
  12. GDT Toronto @ Montreal, 7:00 pm HNIC

    Another loss.. I have no hope that they win the third by two plus. DO SOMETHING MB
  13. GDT Toronto @ Montreal, 7:00 pm HNIC

    And 2-0 on a nice shot by Kadri. Again, D just backing up.. so easy to play against
  14. GDT Toronto @ Montreal, 7:00 pm HNIC

    Bad pinch by Weber, softy d by Pacs, and it's 1-0 Leafs .
  15. GDT Toronto @ Montreal, 7:00 pm HNIC

    Another bad play.. great spot to take a shot and it's passed back to Benn.. Weber takes a penalty a couple seconds later..