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  1. Habs re-sign Phillip Danault

    I agree with you. Not knocking Danault, love what he brings. But no team is winning a cup with him as their best C.
  2. Habs re-sign Phillip Danault

    He’s best suited in a 3C role and this contract is about in line with that so good money and term. As of now, he’ll be one of the most used Cs on the team, should be another long year.
  3. Habs invite Simon Despres to training camp

    Sign him to a one year deal, hope he performs well, and trade him at the deadline. Concussion history is too serious for a long term contract.
  4. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Forget AB.. get Kieffer Bellows and a pick and call it a day. Bellows is gonna be a stud, and his dad was on the 93 cup team.
  5. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Maroon expected to sign with Blues. maybe NJD are a nice landing spot for Pacs.. Max to Jersey for Jesper Boqvist, Yegor Yakovlev, and a 2nd round pick (becomes a first if Pacs signs an extension)
  6. Toronto, Tampa, New Jersey, Boston, Columbus, Washington, Pittsburgh, Florida, Philly, Carolina, Buffalo, maybe NYI and NYR then Detroit, Montreal and Ottawa I think there are at least 11 teams with far better rosters than Montreal, maybe 13.. the battle for the bottom looks to be a three team race to me, and Montreal is in the thick of it. I get it.. nothing is decided in July and teams go on runs or fail to meet expectations.. but we're hoping for a Vegas run when we just don't have Vegas talent.
  7. I don’t think they have much of a chance. I’m still expecting a couple more moves by MB, but as it stands I’d bet they are closer to the cellar than #8.
  8. Injury news

    Habs will finish last in the league and get the fourth overall pick after they lose the lottery. FML!
  9. 2018 NHL Offseason Thread

    Just a few weeks ago I thought Montreal was in a position to really improve and be a bigger contender than most here thought possible. Now, I'd have to say they had one of THE WORST off-seasons for any team in the NHL.. A team truly lacking a #1 guy sees one on the market only to go to a division rival. Then, plan 1B falls apart because of a steep asking price. Toronto and Tampa are the class of the division. Boston not too far behind. Buffalo has added a highly regarded D prospect and have their young guns coming. Detroit saw Zadina slide to them. Florida seems to be one or two players away from being a true contender. Heck, if not for Ottawa it'd be easy to say Montreal has a 100% shot at finishing last in the division. I still like their chances. So MB didn't make any really terrible moves or signings.. but Montreal is worse off than they were at the end of the season. We still have ZERO top 6 Centres, meaning our best winger will be playing and likely struggling there again. We still have a massive hole on the left side beside Weber. I'm guessing there will be a Pacs trade soon, but it also wouldn't surprise me if he stays for half the season and is traded as a rental at the deadline. I guess we can look forward to the next lottery, hope the balls fall in our favour.
  10. Finally, I like the plan and direction!

    Yes, I don't disagree.. Montreal is in a tough spot which is why I'm hoping for a trade of Price/Weber.. the less games CP steals the better. Buffalo will be better.. they traded ROR but Eichel moves to 1 and Mittlestadt? is their 2.. they added Dahlin, they have a better goalie.. The bottom four will be a battle between Montreal, Ottawa, NYR, and Detroit.
  11. Finally, I like the plan and direction!

    This direction only really makes sense if Montreal moves one or both of Weber and Price. Let's face it.. Toronto and Tampa will be top 2 in the division, plus Boston looks pretty strong.. meaning Montreal is likely chasing a Wild Card. Our best bet is to trade some vets for younger players and draft picks.. look to open a new window in three or four years when Tampa and Toronto will be older and in cap hell. Take on some bad contracts and get youth/picks.
  12. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    With the Leafs loaded and the Lightning strong, I hope MB lowers his ask on Pacs and gets a young prospest... this year's roster be damned.. To NYI for Bellows (Loved Brian on the cup winning team in 93) To Florida for Heponiemi To Minnesota for Erikkson Ek To Nashville for Tolvanen To San Jose for Norris etc.. you get the picture.. maybe add a 2nd or 3rd coming back, just deal him for youth.
  13. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    He's a first line centre for sure. He doesn't put up points like the top tier guys, but on more than half of the teams in the NHL he's a first line centre. People also underestimate the effect a good player can have on the younger guys.. you want Poehling and Koktaniemi learning from a struggling Drouin or ROR?
  14. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Vegas just went to the final with Karlsson as their best centre.. and yeah he had a great year but he's not as good as ROR. The prize isn't won by having the best centre, it's the whole collection. ROR would be a HUGE upgrade to this team and make the collective better.. Drouin could be a top line LW, more faceoff wins, etc.. This team has Carey Price. This team has Shea Weber. Add more pieces like ROR and anything can happen.
  15. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Pacs to Florida for Bjugstad and Heponiemi We could toss in a late pick if they really want it