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  1. RNH is a better option at centre than anything on the Habs roster. He's not a third liner, he's a solid 2nd line centre. He'd be great with Pacs and Drouin. Let Chucky centre Lehks and Shaw. (Maybe Hudon if he's ready.) Third line of Pleks, Byron, and Hemsky is decent.
  2. A trade of Gallagher for Nuge would be a big win for Montreal. I'm guessing we'd have to add a pick - probably a 2nd. Pacs - Nuge - Drouin Lehk - Danault - Galchenyuk Byron - Pleks - Hemsky
  3. Lots of room if you move Pleks.. I'd love a trade for RNH out of Edmonton top 3 Cs as Galchenyuk (or Drouin?) RNH, Danault
  4. With Rad gone, Chucky has to be a top 6 player. Still think something needs to happen to add a top 6 centre. Right now I'd guess.. Pacs - Drouin - Chuck Lehk - Danault - Gallagher
  5. In today's NHL.. you need a top Center to win. More important than D. More important than a goalie. Teams have won with a mediocre goalie that got hot. Teams have won with beat up d. Nobody wins the Cup without a strong middle. Period. It's been Montreal's issue for years. And unless MB has a trick up his sleeve (Draisaitl, Tavares) it'll be the thing that costs us this year too.
  6. The addition of Drouin only makes sense if they kept Radulov. I loved the Drouin trade because I figured the team would be much better offensively next year, but that is not the case now. MB essentially is bringing back a very similar team and lost the best prospect we had. Unless something else happens - trade Pleks and offer sheet Leon - then it's still a likely early playoff exit.
  7. I've tried to support MB, defend him on here, but this is a big error.. The Hemsky signing is fine. A mil for one season. But losing Radulov wastes the rest of the moves made... You trade Sergy for Drouin, but now Drouin just replaces Raddy so you've lost Sergy for nothing. The Drouin trade made tons of sense with the thought of Raddy also coming back. The team would be better offensively. Now, you're even again and down your best prospect. I'm guessing Galchenyuk stays now, but if they continue to misuse him then the season will still come down to how far the 84 million dollar goalie can carry the team.
  8. One million bucks..
  9. I don't mind the term, I was just hoping for a number closer to 9. More $$ to spend on some upgrades the team obviously needs.
  10. 10.5 per year.. yowzas
  11. Waiting for $$
  12. Signing

    I don't understand the hate for this signing.. it's great. He's a great addition at a reasonable rate. Even if Markov comes back, Alzner is the second best defender on the team for less than 5 a year.
  13. Just watched the Chiarelli interview.. I'd sign Draisaitl to a sheet immediately.. you can tell in his tone and words that there is a bit of a difference in what he wants and what Drai wants. if he matches, it costs nothing
  14. Hahahahaha.. exactly
  15. Ek talking about a trade that would change the NHL - hmm... Draisaitl, Talbot, Nurse for Price, Pleks, and Gallagher