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  1. Brutal.. I hate losing to bad teams, just wasted points. The division is tough, gotta win the games against weaker opponents. Vent over. Back to football...
  2. It’s ok boys.. just go get one here late and get out of town with a W!!
  3. Ugly goal with 13 seconds left in the second ties it.. Hopefully that doesn’t deflate the Habs, gotta come out and win the third!
  4. Tatar then Danault 16 seconds later!! Keep it going boys!
  5. 19 shots against in the first period by a weak team.. hopefully they come out charging in the 2nd
  6. Get it going fellas.. we need a big win. (For the 2 points and my proline)
  7. Big game early in the season.. either they solidify their solid start or drop back to the middle or the pack.. Gotta get these 2 points.
  8. A night of firsts as Suzuki gets in on it!
  9. Big game this early in the season.. but 2 points would be helpful.. Drouin gets 2 plus an assist and Habs take it 4-1.
  10. A point on the road.. 4/6 on the three game trip. Positives for sure.. now get it together and smash Detroit in the home opener!
  11. Leafs lose to the Blues.. it’d be pretty nice to finish ahead of TML this season.
  12. Is this for real? They have three points against two good teams and look to be a deeper lineup than they’ve had in a long time. They went from an empty cupboard to what most experts agree is one of the better prospect pools in the NHL. MB has done a great job building the team. It doesn’t have to be a rebuild or a retool.. it’s a whole new year with lots of time to decide what to do at the deadline. He signed Aho to an offer sheet and offered Gardiner a contract. He’s building this team and this year could be special. He has young guys fighting to crack the lineup and a fast young core with the bonus of having a Price and Weber. No need to worry about where they’ll both be in a year or two... they are here now and both wanting to win. Sit back and enjoy it..
  13. They have a tough lineup but hopefully we can get to Hutchinson.. light him up! Good chance for a big road win tonight! Go Habs Go!
  14. Tonight.. assisted by Drouin and Weber
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