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  1. Habs in 6. For three reasons.. 1 - Carey Price. 2 - Suzuki and KK 3 - Carey F’in Price
  2. If Montreal had lost to Pitts, their ball would have been in the NYR spot and the Rangers would have been in the Pitts spot. If the same ball hit the top... it would have been Montreal winning the lotto.
  3. Roy. Muller. Desjardins. Damphousse. Bellows. I was 11 when they went on that miracle run.
  4. He clearly knows he needs a big star.. which is why they signed Aho to that terrible offer sheet. You can talk about building through the draft and blah blah blah but what this team needs is a superstar. Lots of good players, but missing that one major piece. I don’t know who is available or a free agent this summer but I expect MB to try and swing for the fences again. You won’t get the guy in the draft because a 14 or 15th overall pick is likely where they’ll land.
  5. A major move. They’re not even close to competing for a cup. Stop having the goal be the somehow squeeze into the playoffs. Build a team where an elimination in the playoffs is a surprise, like you’re expected to win. Fact is, Boston, Tampa, Florida and Toronto are all divisional opponents who have stronger clubs right now. Some by a wider margin than others, but they’re stronger. Do something that closes the gap, whether it be for next year or 2 years from now. Is it Price? Weber? Petry? Tatar? I don’t know... but something big has to happen.
  6. this might be my favourite proposal yet.. adding Suzuki would be amazing.
  7. I know Byram would be the better get but sounds like Joe doesn’t want to trade him... CP31 and Kovalchuk to Colorado for Newhook, Grubauer, Graves and a 1st.. Montreal retains 25% of contract
  8. Another ugly goal.. Habs losing 2-0 and have 1 shot on goal.
  9. Why isn’t Price in there? Makes zero sense.. he’s been great, you need the two points, and you’re on home ice.. Just brutal mistake by Lindgren there.. move the damn puck.
  10. Unless MB agrees to eat some salary, hard to see any team taking CP31's contract. Tatar seems like an enticing chip though.. could we get a 1st and a prospect..? Maybe to Edmonton for their first and Puljaarvi?
  11. Disagree.. LD is obviously the biggest need but that shouldn’t prevent MTL from looking to upgrade other areas. Toffoli would be a great top 6 addition.. keep Armia on the third, Weal on the fourth.
  12. Brutal.. I hate losing to bad teams, just wasted points. The division is tough, gotta win the games against weaker opponents. Vent over. Back to football...
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