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  1. Toughest matchup of the playoffs… they are fast, heavy, and have some great forwards and Defense. Habs in 5.
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  2. He wouldn’t last 3 seconds with He wouldn’t last 3 seconds with Yvonne..
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  3. Anderson is gonna need to produce in this series. 3 lines producing and the top line shutting down stone and pac, they could pull it off.
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  4. Dom L's predictive model gives the Habs a 24% chance of winning. Given that it bases player performance on the regular season rather than the playoffs (cough, cough, Carey Price, cough, cough) that's actually not bad at all. I would consider the Habs to be an underdog but with a solid chance to win this.
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  5. It will never happen again unless the franchise's ownership hires incompetent management ... nobody pays $650M (Kraken) or more (much, much more for other leagues) for every team's 13F/7D/3G anymore.
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  6. Good expansionteam like Tampa and Nashville. Thats the way it should be done. If Im the owners of those teams I would be very irritated that Vegas had so much better rules. Im sure Bettman just dont want to see another Atlanta Trashers.
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  7. Petry didn't skate today. Evans has progressed to off-ice workouts, nothing on-ice yet.
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