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  1. I agree that's why I'm glad we made the management change.
  2. Oh I agree but I like the effort and the pushing of the play i see from these guys. Which is the way they were playing at the start of last season, which is why I bring it up. They don't look lost any more out there on the ice. But I'm glad we got a new management team that come trade deadline will still trade our ufa's and not hold on to them thinking we can make a playoff push. Our ufa's and anyone else not in the long term plans should still be traded come deadline, draft and off season.
  3. Is this the team that started 8-0 at the start of last season🤔 they look like it .
  4. These guys are fun to watch again, really like that Evans line.
  5. 32 games left my god this season seems like it's never going to end.
  6. So what's brad Richard's doing these days 🤔
  7. Would PHX do this trade To PHX Petry To habs Our 1st and 2nd picks back, hults and gostisbehere Their going to trade Chychrun would need a guy like Petry on the back end or they can flip him somewhere else next year or year after? Taking gostisbehere is to lesson the cap for Arizona so we wouldn't have to take back salary. 🤔
  8. These guys actually look worth watching again.
  9. They have cap space too but not sure they would add him since they're in a 20 year rebuild plan 😂😹😹
  10. I think Detroit would be the best trading partner with us in a trade for Petry. It's his home town, they got 10mil in cap space so we wouldn't have to take back any of his salary cap, plus they got 4 ufa's on d so they would need a puck mover like Petry that's under contract.
  11. Speed and PK good roll player. As fare as money goes we take back a bad contract.
  12. I can see Byron, lehkonen and chiarot being a good fit for NYR. Would improve their over all team D.
  13. Not really playoff team's don't mind giving up a 1st from 20-32 if they get a guy they really think can push their playoff run. I mean did you think we would get a 1st for Toffoli?
  14. It doesn't have to be a 1st for this year's draft . Hopefully we can stock pile picks for next year's draft and maybe pull off a trade for who ever owns the top pick.
  15. A first for toffoli not bad if we get a first for chariot we're looking good a lot of options come draft day. We could either use the picks in a trade for a player to fit in now or use them to move up if theirs a player we like
  16. Bring on the trade deadline, only 2 things left to be excited for trade deadline and draft day oh you can add draft lottery day so 3 things.
  17. Guess you can say it was the coaching. This team has been better to watch in the last 2 games than all year. Still a lot of give aways and turn over in our own zone we need to clean up.
  18. If I go for a job interview for a coaching position and I'm not French and the gm tells me if I work hard and have success i could end up coaching the big club.... I know his full of shit and it will never happen.
  19. Why would anyone that isn't from Montreal or Quebec want to work for the habs organization as part of the coaching staff or management staff? You have no opportunity to move up in the organization to some day become head coach of the team or GM of the team.
  20. Why in the world would a none French speaking coach accept a job in the system of Montreal if they will never get an opportunity to become head coach there. I wouldn't waste my time in Montreal.
  21. I hope this doesn't F with our lottery draft pick . They should of just fired him after the season.
  22. It was Ment as a joke comment. The consistent part was Ment as consistently being blow out.
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