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  1. Honestly... I don't know how much Gallagher's contract will actually impact us. We have like 6M free now... 10M next year... Cap goes up dramatically after that.. then by that point I imagine he's on ltir if we are being realistic.
  2. Or Terry Ryan... Man 90s was a rough time for Habs drafting Newfoundlanders in the 1st round!
  3. For what it's worth I heard on some podcast before the draft that he was someone they thought he had the 'steal of the draft' potential. Can't remember if the person saying it was someone whose opinion matters but yah. I'm also fine with the Reinbacher pick though 😛
  4. Also on Backlund.... I remember hearing that he really wanted the captaincy and that could be a deal breaker. Maybe he was told no?
  5. Toffoli was vocally a Sutter guy. Also Lucic was in talks to come back earlier then now told to talk to others. The Sutter guys are leaving. I expected Toffoli out. Backlund is a tough one for fans I'm sure but he probably just wants a shot to compete. Him leaving would likely be tied to Lindholm staying or not. I'm curious if Hanafin was a Sutter guy. Don't recall hearing anything but I think he was just priced out. It's just a bad combination at once.
  6. Can a team retain salary for part of a players contract? Like the first out of four years? Or is it all or nothing?
  7. I guess I meant... I wonder if they move these guys then flip what they get for guys with some term. Akin to what Vancouver did with the Horvat - hronek asset switcheroo
  8. So just for placing names in my head. Both of Fantili and Carlsson would go 1oa in the slafkovsky draft Would Smith be? Mitchkov is 1oa talent but non on-ice hockey issues for using a big pick on him.
  9. On Winnipeg. Lots of people are saying rebuild... But with Connor and Ehlers could they just be retooling on the fly?
  10. I agree. Just was curious if maybe Hughes would go for a guy he knows. We just don't know his tendencies yet.
  11. Have people talked a lot about how Hughes coached Will Smith when he was young? Any chance he'd want to move up at get a kid he knows? Maybe if Mitckov falls and he knows say SJ wants him or something? Not sure it's the best move. Just spitballing predictions
  12. Wasn't his mistake. He left because ownership wouldn't fire Sutter.
  13. If we did 6y at 6.5M-7.5M i would be thrilled tbh. Sets us up very nicely for four strong years from 2025-26 to 2028-29. I figure next two years are still going to be largely irrelevant.
  14. I agree that d is the big weakness as a team but the young guys need to play. Kova is older so maybe he can be a bit more out of rotation. But Barron, Xhajek, Guhle and Harris need game time. Guhle is in the NHL now permanently. Harris won't accept a demotion well. Leaves Barron and X. We have the spot on RD for Barron so... maybe Xhajek starts in AHL and Kova is a in and out 7th? something like mattheson-??? Guhle-Savard Harris-Barron kova then AHL is a a lot of guys... Maybe this? Trudeau-Xhejak Norlinder-Mailloux Struble-Fairbrother @dlbalrwhat's the AHL Blueline like next year?
  15. No but Carolinas problem was always a lack of goal scoring talent. Pacs was the move to get that talent. Injured. Then Svetch... Their only actual weapon with pedegree beyond Aho... Goes down? Brindamour somehow got 6 goals out of a guy who had 10 all year in Bratt, then more out of Noesen and Jarvis... Only thing he didn't manage was to turn water into wine with Puljiarvi... I'm just not sure he could make any changes to get more from that core.
  16. The fact Carolina made it this far without Pacs and Svetch? I think losing a bunch of close games without the two guys you had envisioned being your goalscorers gives him some leniency.
  17. What are you thinking d wise? Obviously Edmonston moved for anything... Wideman is likely not relevant unless injuries pile up Mattheson LD Savard rd Guhle LD Barron rd Harris LD Kovacevic rd Xhejak ld With so many young d are you thinking some sort of idea where we improve on Savard? Flip a young d for an older better guy?
  18. Question... What are people's thoughts on getting Connor Garland or Brock Boeser out of Vancouver for our RW? Likely cheap given caphits.
  19. I mean with the supposed depth of this draft... I could see it. Also I could easily see it if one of them is keen on Mitchkov for example and trade down to 5 with some knowledge on who is drafting 2-4. But get another pick to help mitigate the risk.
  20. Yeah like there should be a couple strong vets guys can learn from too. Every line and pairing should have an older dude I'd think. Maybe just a 7th dman older guy to swap in and out for injuries/callups. Ideally the team would always be in the mix for the playoffs. Once in a while try and make a run at it.
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