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  1. What's the current story with Drouin?
  2. Lavoie lacked compete in junior. To a shocking degree really. Didn't have the mentality or drive necessary to make it.
  3. So did these guys get some venture capital to dump into all these sites? Then dumped it all into promoting them? They've just popped up out of nowhere and clutter my hockey news feed.
  4. Down to the AHL for sure. Let him get more game minutes on NA ice.
  5. Very fair. They really have resisted moving picks for goalies but betting on oft injured Mrazek and Murray has backfired so far.
  6. The basic idea going was... That game one of the season vs MTL is a crap shoot. Then the California roadtrip is always bad for them (us too). Plus the amount of games they played in short days. Not to defend the Leafs but I think the media is blowing it up a bit. In terms of their d... liligren is out and Sandin missed camp so he will take a bit to get into form. Holl does need to go though. In terms of their bottom six. I feel they have solid bottom sixers just no one that can really jump onto the top six reliably. Goaltending... Well they are one injury from disaster. But Samsonov has been good. Basically they have flaws but they will rebound and be top three in our division come the end of November. If they want a cup they need to get a backup goalie, another forward with offensive potential and change Holl into a useful body.
  7. I think most aware Leafs realized October was a bad month for the team schedule wise and just wanted to go .500 this month... I'm sure they will be fine. Even if I enjoy them losing 😛
  8. I thought the Canucks were realllly high on Rathbone?
  9. Injuries really detailed Teasdale. He was so much fun to watch during his Memorial cup run. Thought he'd be an awesome 4th liner.
  10. Does Matheson play Rd? I vaguely remember Edmonston has struggled at Rd in the past (maybe in Carolina?)
  11. Bummed to see Teasdale on the 4th. He's actually produced reasonable when healthy... I guess at least he is playing 😛
  12. I'm guessing Chicago is doing good by the guy and giving him the opportunity to play 'at home'? We got the better player for sure.
  13. Have you watched their games? Why are they imploding with leads?
  14. Florida's worst nightmare is happening. Ekblad down for a prolonged period. Their d core now looks realllly rough. Liking that 1st.
  15. @dlbalr does Zack MacEwen have a connection to our franchise? The name seems familiar but his hockeydb doesn't indicate anything.
  16. [Flyers] Transaction: We have recalled forward Zack MacEwen and defenseman Louie Belpedio from the Phantoms and have placed defenseman Rasmus Ristolainen on Injured Reserve. we didn't even call up Belpedio last season lol yikes
  17. I'd say he is probably not in a great headspace after what Vegas pulled last season. Doesn't want to be on a bad Montreal team.
  18. I'd also add that given his size... He may better learn to use that advantage in the AHL than the bigger Euro rinks.
  19. Actually after seeing more Philly news I take it back. Staffers getting cancer from the building, Torts named in suits for verbal-abuse of staff... Caused by miscommunication between Tortz and Fletcher. I think Philly may have last locked up.
  20. We could finish last with a goalie injury or two. Behind this depleted blue line having rough goaltending would be game over.
  21. Anyone have thoughts on Slaf? No special teams time limited his minutes or did he get bumped down to the line with Evans?
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