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  1. Keep the hot model's name out ya mouth!
  2. But Management has to make decisions based on the information they have at the time. Will Price start the season with us? Is an important question. 5 or 6 games will help with decision making over the off season. As far as trading him goes, there is next to no chance that happens imo
  3. Ya. Its time for him to go I think. One or both of Petry Gallagher need to go Hopefully.
  4. I like him. He reminds me of Lehkonen, the way he forechecks. He might be an NHLer. Poeling on the other hand...
  5. Gallagher has 5 points in 4 games since his return from injury.
  6. It definitely benefits the team if he plays well. Traded or kept. Both scenarios are better if he plays well.
  7. Yup. I echo other people's view on him. Turn into a big pouty baby because you don't like your coach. Real winner.
  8. A whole lot of things need to fall into place to trade Price. I'm very skeptical that it can happen. Ntc. Injuries. Age. Contract.
  9. This year, the Canadiens lost 3 major contributors to the team. 2 of them (Weber and Price) to injury. Danault to trade. Combined with ducharmes horrid and confusing coaching, it was a terrible season. That's why they get to pick in the top 5. A healthy Price could make them a bubble team by himself. I would not count on getting a top 5 pick next year. If the right deal came along, I would not be against adding a top 3 defenseman. It all depends on Price IMO. The argument that the East is a powerhouse and we can't compete is a good one, but those powerhouse teams can also get into cap space problems and have key injuries. Overperforming players (Kreider as an example) can return to their original form. Etc... and suddenly the bubble Habs are competing for a playoff spot. I don't think the Habs NEED to go find a defenseman, but I would not be upset if they did.
  10. Barron with a beaut. Gallagher gets one. CC pops another and bring home an important loss. Good night overall. 4-3 would have looked better though
  11. Need a loss here. But not a bad one that hurts young defense confidence.
  12. They got lucky though. The rookies had probably 10 giveaways in that ot. But I agree. It's refreshing to see.
  13. Bad call I think on the phoeling trip
  14. Any opinions on the challenge? I feel like the canadiens played ok in the 1st and end up down 2.
  15. I have jack hughes in my pool. That kid is legit this year.
  16. Somewhat overpaid would be more accurate to me. When you factor in the 200k extra needed to balance Quebec taxes, he's probably 400k overpaid imo. I wish tax balance was in the cba.
  17. It's a known that we are hoping Harris joins the team. Struble has had ups and downs, but is an intriguing prospect imo.
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