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  1. One would hope that there will be a lot of pressure on the officials to be fair in this one, given the blatant nature of last game's f**kover.
  2. SUCK IT BETTMAN!!!! We won in spite of the attempted ####ery by the officials (and our own sub-par effort)
  3. I can't believe this is a 3rd round playoff game...what a gutless effort. No intensity at all.
  4. Also, these coaches are clowns if Romanov isn't in the lineup next game.
  5. The team has been shit....guess Price gets to let in one horrid soft goal.
  6. The bad news: we completely shit the bed in the 1st period The good news: we got away with it...no harm done
  7. The late in the period goal against...I guess if something had to go wrong, should have expected it'd be our usual nemesis. Up 2 with 20min to play though...I'll take it.
  8. That period couldn't have gone better. Now, if they play it right, they can make Vegas pay for pushing too hard with an aggressive transition game.
  9. I really hope this is the rust effect moreso than it is an indication of how we match up against Vegas. Jesus.
  10. Worth the risk...can't have them establishing dominance in front of our net. They are way too comfortable cruising in there and parking.
  11. Knock his ass down that close to the net...forget tying up
  12. Back in it! Hopefully the start of a streak for Caufield.
  13. Our D looks bad. Chiarot especially, but Kulak and even Edmunston don't look very good either. And Gus..well, he's Gus. Need Petry back badly.
  14. They seem determined to piss the game away suddenly...what the hell?!
  15. What a S**t goal to give up...4 guys standing along the goal line, no regard for defensive assignments/positioning whatsoever.
  16. The enormity of it being Round 3 is starting to sink in, and it's putting my nerves in overdrive. I thought I might have a calmer "just happy to be here" outlook on this round, but turns out that's not the case. Hoping to see Danault line shut down Stone/Pacioretty, the Suzuki line match the output of the Marchessault line, and the game to be won on our Line 3/Line 4/special teams contributions and Price outplaying Fleury.
  17. I prefer to think of it as maxiumum healing time for Petry.
  18. They didn't do it the easy way tonight, but a good 'clutch' test for the next round was not a bad thing. Caufield will score soon, but the kid is no slouch setting them up either.
  19. Agreed. I'm dead tired from cutting my lawn in some disgusting heat...too tired to pace back and forth nervously in front of my television.
  20. Fluke goal against because of what transpired with Byron. No worries, just go get the next goal to ice the game.
  21. 3 goals...they listened. Thank-you boys....my nerves appreciate the reprieve you're providing thus far.
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