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  1. Sure feels like game over, even with 27min left in this game. Two goals for this bunch seems out of reach.
  2. Clearly time for a full blowup and rebuild by a new management/scouting team...one that understands the current game.
  3. This team is just bad. The game isn't even exciting to watch even though it's a one goal playoff game. That's hard to pull off, but they are doing it.
  4. I knew our inability to score goals was bad, especially so in the playoffs, but I didn't realize just HOW bad until I read this stat in the Gazette: "63 goals in last 31 playoff games since 2015" That's pathetic. How the hell do you have this problem, and not solve it during such a long tenure as GM? Fire. His. Ass.
  5. After watching another rock-solid playoff effort by Price squandered, I'm firmly aboard the "fire Bergy" bandwagon. Same old problem, for so many years, is simply unacceptable.
  6. I wish I had elite hacking skills...enough to hack the production of the broadcast to pipe in a "Fire Bergy" chant....because that's what needs to happen. His reign has been "The Pop Gun Offense Era", and I'm sick and tired of it.
  7. If Price holds the Leafs to 2 goals or less again and we lose AGAIN, that should paint the picture for even our hapless owner.
  8. This team is missing multiple key pieces, while it has a GM who either doesn't see it or doesn't know how to address it.
  9. It's the same thing every damn year...a team constructed to lose close low-scoring playoff games.
  10. It'd be nice to head into the intermission with a lead. Can you duck outside again for a minute or so?
  11. He sure does love shooting from that area.
  12. Another vote for trying 5 forwards on the PP here. We have to try SOMETHING very different, becaues what we usually do is woefully bad.
  13. I want to throw my phone some days. Is it just me, or has autocorrect gotten worse over the years? I swear my old Galaxy S2 made far more logical choices than my current phone.
  14. Some will have the pompoms out for #15 no matter what.
  15. Now that KK has broken his slump, it would be great if Tatar could do the same. Need him going.
  16. Gallagher really struggling withi his shot accuracy thus far.
  17. I see that arena and I wonder to myself: there are no fans, but there are a fair number of people in the building (tv people, photogs, journalists, team support staff, arena techs, ect)....is there one concession stand up and running to feed them? It would suck to have to bring a brown bag snack along, right?
  18. And I'll stand by 5G in 56 games being horrid. We'll never agree...whatever. Not overly important in the grand scheme of things.
  19. Exact words were "go from playing like a complete bum", in the context of having been completely ineffecive for the better part of this season as per the earlier remarks in the thread. If you're going to quote someone, get it exactly right. Nice to see him putting it together so far tonight; been awhile since he showed that, and with Evans down it is much needed.
  20. Going from playing like a complete bum to scoring a playoff hat trick? I suppose anything is possible; the hockey gods owe us some voodoo magic in our favour after crapping all over us for the better part of this season.
  21. Whenever I see a post like this, I question whether you are talking about the KK we saw THIS season, or the previous version that was on a great upwards trajectory. The guy we saw this season added nothing in the vast majority of the games he played. I'd be thrilled if 'bubble Kotkaniemi' suddenly showed up, but it's hard to be optimistic since he's shown nothing close to that level of game all season long.
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