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  1. I hope/pray Seattle rolls the dice on him. It would be a double win: not losing someone we actually want to keep, and being rid of Drouin and his bloated salary.
  2. So you think this was some huge miscarriage of cosmic justice, and the Habs deserved to win because they took a lot of shots that didn't go in? It's too easy to let your team off the hook because they won the shot counter game...but if you have any sense at all, you look at Tampa and recognize that it's going to take 3 to have a chance to beat them the vast majority of nights, and that 1 measly goal scored will beat them MAYBE one time out of 20.
  3. You deserve to lose 100% of the games that you only score one goal in. Don't know what else to say after that one.
  4. Great....so it's the Finals and suddenly the no-finish, give up a goal in the last minute of a period team that was hard to watch this past season shows up.
  5. Great news...we need guys who can get in on the forecheck and lay hits on Lightning D-men (especially Hedman) hard and repeatedly.
  6. I was beyond happy when Leks ended it, but I was almost a bit surprised...I really thought 22 would be the one. That's ok though, he owes me one to open the scoring in the Final.
  7. I knew to the core of my being that he would get a goal tonight. ...don't think 22 is finished either.
  8. So do I...with a period under their belt the nerves should fade. We should see more accurate/cleanly handled passes from here on out, and it will all come together.
  9. We are winning by 2 or 3 tonight. Caufield gets one for sure, quite possibly two.
  10. I'm guessing the party will be on in MTL on Thursday...a chance to wrap it up on Jean Baptiste Day.... Younger me would have booked a room, done the drive, and sat on a patio with a big screen at opening time. I can't survive an entire day of drinking anymore though...it's a shame.
  11. RUN. IT. UP. I don't want to see even a HINT of 'playing to protect the lead'. Let's break these guys mentally. Let's get 4+ past Fleury and put a goaltending controversy into their heads. Let's go back to Montreal with swagger to spare.
  12. For the love of God, boys...keep pushing hard...get that all-important 3rd goal and leave no doubt!!!
  13. One soft-ish goal...nothing he could do on the OT goal. The screw-up there was Kotkaniemi not taking his man, and just floundering about.
  14. You don't win many hockey games scoring only one goal...played with fire trying to defend a one goal lead and got burned.
  15. A PP goal here would break Vegas mentally I think...let's go get it!
  16. I think his actions call for more than pranking. If this keeps up, and he's likely to call more of our games, he may need the Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan style bonk on a kneecap.
  17. It's the owner's job to call this stuff out, and so far our owner appears to be a gutless league yes-man, content to count his stacks of money rather than show any passion and get involved.
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