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  1. I absolutely agree with this ..IMO JM is giving Diaz way too many minutes and games thus far into this season
  2. signing Cammalleri was the best move Habs have done in years. (one of the biggest reasons we made it to East Finals?), Rivet for Gorges, Halak for Lars Eller is turning out to be pretty solid (despite being opposed to it during the time), the bad moves: gomez, not trading players for assets at trade deadline for countless amount of years, Ribs for Ninnemma, Firing Carbo/letting Muller walk, not re-signing solid depth players (Metropolit, Moore) that's all I can think of..for now
  3. I like Emelin..he is a solid tape to tape passer, hardly out of position, jumps up in the play at the right time and does a super effective job in the physical department. I really hope Diaz isn't given undivided spotlight because I see promise in Emelin as well
  4. *sigh*...i forget what Markov is capable of doing its been so long
  5. I hope this post was meant to be sarcastic They just signed Carter and he has barely played in a CBJ uniform yet! imho, he's an untouchable along with Nash. on another note, I don't understand why people on this forum feel the urgency to open threads like such regarding trades when we won 4 in a row prior to Saturday. Realistically speaking, any team in the NHL can be a trading partner if the price, value, and timing is right; with not just one particular team that you assume will dismantle because of starting 2-11-1
  6. how much coin you got on it? my picks for tonight would be Habs, Canucks, Over in Caps/Hurricanes
  7. it doesn't matter who is in or out of the lineup for the Habs anymore. They are an injury plagued team and need to find ways to win and score without them or this season is doomed by mid-November. Pacioretty's injury is Eller's opportunity to really show Montreal what he's made of imo.
  8. can you say FML? this team is a mess..can't muster up more than a goal against a Florida Panthers backup goaltender? at the end of the day, why feel sympathy for guys who are making millions of dollars as a result of a career? In a hockey environment like Montreal, it is completely unacceptable to start this bad. We are not in a re-building mode, this is our window to make the playoffs with a potential stanley cup run. It all starts at the top..Gauthier made some really bad decisions. Keeping Markov (who we are so unsure will ever be the same player again) over Wisniewski, signing Erik Cole who did nothing for Edmonton (the Carolina players made him who he was), and a lack of veteran presence on the blueline. Martin needs to go..my fuse has reached the end with him...you can tell in the body language of the players that somethings not right. Bring firewagon hockey back NOW...this system and "emphasis on special teams" is not effective in the new NHL! Even the assistant coaches need to be axed. It doesn't matter if it ends up being a change for the worse, I read on Eklund's blog that teams who finish October with a losing record only make the playoffs 20% of the time. Will we be in that 20%? highly doubt it if this continues..change is GOOD, and change needs to happen NOW.
  9. you guys are so unrealistic with coaching jobs. Bob Hartley would be a great fit as the head coach with Muller and Roy..I've never liked Pearn as an Ass. Coach and Randy Ladoucer/Cunneyworth?..well....the names speak for themselves...call them Oscar as a combo. Habs need to wipe out a lot..it's simple as that. People on this forum were overly optimistic this summer because it's a crime to be pessimistic and disagreeing on here these days, hence why I don't post as frequently. Lets face it..changes need to happen in order to be successful. Our lazy and uncaring, and lack of work ethic preseason is correlating into the beginning of the 2011-2012 regular season. With that being said, the Canadiens get what they deserve for this start. why sugarcoat something so bitter?
  10. beautiful and impressive play by Eller to Moen!
  11. Hmmmm I hope the club can improve to 2-6-0 tonight. It would be nice getting some confidence going into the regular season. that is basically a regular season lineup ....so here's to hoping they come out flying tonight! go habs go!
  12. 44-30-8. 5th place in East, 96 points. 9th in league. 236 goals for
  13. Don't mind this first round choice at all...it would have been nice to pick up a power forward but it never hurts to stack the farm with new defensive blood.....who knows..maybe the Habs will find the next Zetterberg in the later rounds....ok...I should probably go to sleep now..my thinking is getting far too wishful
  14. markov is an all star, a leader, and the building block that the Canadiens have built around since the 2000s. I wish PG could also resign Wiz but it's looking doubtful. As for these hamrlik rumours...I'm praying that they are not true. guys like Weber and Emelin are not only youthful and full of energy but far less injury prone and cap friendly. Even 1.2 million for Hamrlik is too much as far as I'm concerned.
  15. I don't know what game some people on this board watch but hamrlik literally farts dust out there. I'd Prefer a Weber signing over Hammer on any given day...you can say he's a veteran and a band aid fornthe back end but he's just as injury prone as spacek! Speaking of D signings, the clock is ticking for Gorges, I hope PG has an offer sheet ready for him or a trick up his sleeve that we are unaware of, however, if there's one guy I want resigned it is gorges; who was a candidate for captain for a reason!. As for wiz, I think a lot of fans are being overly optimistic. We simply can't have Markov, PK, and him on the back end....it's unrealistic and his stock is way too high in a cap era. Some other quick hits I've heard...Ryan Malone we are supposedly looking at (which I wouldn't mind at all if Moen was somehow moved).. I also checked hockey buzz and Jagr to Montreal is an e4.....which I must admit is way more legit than an e4 several years ago on that site.
  16. I'm just throwing this out there guys..I know this is probably very random in the 2000's Carolina KO Habs first round..won the cup Tampa Bay KO Habs second round..won the cup The only team that has NOT gotten by this theory is Boston..who have been unsuccessful thus far..but it just might be their year Also...it's a proven statistic that the host Winter Olympic city wins the Stanley Cup the following year...i think this statistic is far more likely and let's hope for it to be true (for the cup to come back to Canada!)
  17. Ok here I go..Awesome effort by the Canadiens against the Bruins...game 7 in OT we cannot be ashamed of as fans. For 2011/2012 Campaign: Hamrlik-GONE (he farts dust) Spacek-BUYOUT (awful defensively and no offensive push) Moen-Walk Kostitsyn-Walk (not physical enough this series) next seasons lineup Tanguay-Plekanec-Cammalleri Gionta-Gomez (unless Miracle trade happens)-Pacioretty Pouliot-Eller-Desharnais White-Kopescky-Upshall Gorges-Markov Wiz-Subban Sopel-Weber Gill (or Spacek) Price ...I hope we exercise Valiquette (he was a solid backup for Rangers a few yrs back)
  18. well....Thomas bailed the Bruins out in the 3rd, the Habs really turned up the pressure...unfortunately it was the lack of effort in the first 20 minutes of the game that cost them. The positives to take from that game (Kostitsyn and Pleks both got the monkey off their backs, and Chara looks to be worn down). Game 4 shows a lot of promise for the Habs.
  19. First post on here in months, but I couldn't resist to come back and cheer the guys on the post-season. I believe this will be a hard fought series, but it is critical that Habs win game one tonight. If price can play OK for 60 minutes, I think the guys have a great chance. Keys to the game: 1) don't bring a knife to a gunfight..beat Boston on speed and skill, this isn't the UFC where they have to prove toughness 2) Stay out of the box!: Esp. for Mr. Subban, Hamrlik, Spacek 3) Utilize the cycle 4) try new weapons on the PP (the bruins are going to cover PK and Wiz as I expect...look for the down low play if the point shot is not available) GO HABS GO!
  20. does anybody know why PK got cross-checked by Andrei in the 3rd period of the 4 on 4? that concerned me a little bit
  21. Ok...i agree on the first part. But the second one...that's a very hasty generalization
  22. Why does everybody cry when the sky is falling down in Montreal on this forum? it seriously enrages me. Especially when the team goes into a minor skid and people call for the coaches head every time. Why don't you guys look at the stats before commenting. The irresponsible penalties are what's been killing the team over the road trip..it's the PLAYER, not the coach. If anything, why not call for BG's head instead for signing two players that fart dust out there for such a valuable amount of cap space? (Spacek *3.5/Hammer *5.5 ).
  23. the only positives I can draw from tonight's game were 1- the Wiz looks very good 2- Habs drew first blood...then were pulverized like a Florida orange vs a juicer negatives : 1-Hamrlik-Spacek....why are they NHL d-men again? 2-Eller- probably should be sent down for the benefit of his development 3- Carey looks a little passive in net again? what an atrocious road trip :puke:
  24. Solid game by Cammy, Gomez, Gionta, Plex, and Maxpax...anybody know what that house song they play in Centre Bell is? I heard it last night against flyers and it's decent
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