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  1. 6 year 33 million. 5.5 million cap hit is not too bad. Glad they did not go the bridge rout.
  2. 650K My guess is he is the one getting exposed.
  3. I like the trade but it certainly stings. Sergachev is going to be a gem but it certainly helps our offence having Drouin. I sure hope this doesn't mean that Galchenyuk is on his way out. It could also be a move that takes away Galchenyuk's safety blanket since he would have to be center since he wont play on the left side ahead of Patches and Drouin. You still need to sign Radulov or else this trade doesn't look as good. Pacioretty - Galchenyuk - Radulov Drouin - (FA/Danault/Anisimov) - Gallagher Does this make Lehkonen a tradeable asset (I hope not)? Many teams would be interested in him as a return if we need to make a trade. Also we were all penciling in Sergachev for our D next year. I hope he plays 40 for the Lightning next year. Does this allow us to keep Beaulieu for help on the left side?
  4. Nice to see former Habs in Streit and Hainsey lift the Cup for the first time. For Hainsey he must think these playoffs are pretty easy as he is now 1 for 1. If only he could of gotten in all those years previous. A pretty good final but not a great way to end it for Nashville by getting shutout in two straight.
  5. Dan Bylsma and Tim Murray are out in Buffalo. A bit surprising but there was a report out there that Eichel was unhappy with the coaching and would not re-sign with the team if Bylsma remained in his position. This report was denied by Eichel's agent.
  6. Same here. I'll be good for the points total if the Habs lose the last three games and the NHL decides to forfeit one of our past wins cause we used an illegal player (Lindgren maybe?) or something. Come on Bettman!
  7. That one is certainly on Beaulieu. Very poor penalty to take. That's interference any day of the week. Hopefully they get it back quickly
  8. I personally don't want to see McCarron fighting on a regular basis. He's done more than enough of that in his time with the Habs. Takes its toll on the body and hopefully they see him as more than that as we took him in the first round.
  9. Close.......if Therrien were still here Desharnais would still be as well and he'd be the first shooter.
  10. Definitely feels like a playoff atmosphere tonight. Ottawa has had the better chances thus far but Price looks like he's focused in.
  11. Julien said it's to keep the D-man always fresh. For that it does make sense but I don't feel it should be Beaulieu at this point. Emelin has been struggling as of late and could use some time off.
  12. Sounds like Emelin is back in and Davidson will sit. Radulov, Plekanec and Flynn have been ruled out.
  13. Jordie Benn with his first as a Hab. Huge goal as the Rangers were starting to carry the play. Glad to see Benn rewarded as he has been great so far. He has added stability on that 3rd pairing.
  14. Galchenyuk was so happy for Gallagher after the goal. Not a great response after finally getting a goal with a slashing penalty and tonnes of pressure by the Preds
  15. Haha sorry........To ruin the result or not to ruin the result? That is the question I'll keep it under wraps
  16. Though I'm sure most wont turn away from the Habs game tonight but the Windsor Spitfires are playing the Sault Ste Marie Greyhounds on SN360. Sergachev just got an assist on Windsor's opening goal.
  17. Figured they would do one of these at some point but figured it would be during a stoppage in play. I guess they are trying to avoid distraction during the game. I look forward to it and cant wait to hear how loud the Bell Centre gets during it. Tonight should be a lot of fun. Go Habs Go!
  18. Though a different player now I have great memories of him when I was growing up and would attend Spitfires games at the Old Windsor Barn. He was magic back in his OHL days and had great chemistry with Jason Spezza. It was fun hockey back then. So still to this day I'm an Ott fan but just don't feel he has enough left in the tank to help the Habs unfortunately. Hope he proves me wrong.
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