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  1. There are those out there that project Reinbacher to be the second best player in the draft. If you have doubts, or if you think they drafted positionally instead of BPA, consider that info.
  2. His play, other than offensive, is highly questionable; so bad that apparently he blows the zone before his team even has possession. There’s anticipation, and then there’s…leaving. He also is about as defensive capable as a Maple Leaf defender. Finally, a so-far unsubstantiated rumour admittedly, he’s potentially got some deficiencies in his, um, attitude. 😉 Personally, that type of player doesn’t really interest me. I appreciate sublime skill, but not at the potential risk of the ‘team’ game. And I’ve no interest in seeing an attitude issue wreck chemistry (good riddance to even the thought of Mike Ribeiro). As for the “Russian” aspect, please remember there’s a war going on which is likely to affect many athletes in various deleterious ways. Who knows how long that, and the political ramifications will last. I believe his father passed under mysterious circumstances, and the undertone behind that reporting is that it could have been linked to hockey. Not saying I know anything, because I don’t, but all that has to be measured when making the choice to draft him. Defence and accountability can be taught, yes, but attitude is tougher and politics is well beyond the control of a hockey team.
  3. Regarding Michkov: are the Habs really in a place where taking a huge swing for what must be considered a somewhat risky proposition make sense in the early days of a rebuild? Wouldn’t it be better asset management to pick a slightly lesser skilled player who is going to assist the rebuild more immediately? Don’t get me wrong, high-end skill is great. I’m just not sure that Michkov is the best use of this pick in particular. Not that I’d be disappointed, I’m just not sure it’s the best use of this pick.
  4. From a team perspective this is virtually a no-risk contract. Reliable piece that has earned the one-way, and you don’t mind paying it if he ends up in the AHL. I probably would have offered $50k more to cut his hair, but my hockey-playing son insists his yearly mullet is divine.
  5. Romanov and Kulak. We get pinned with Mete because he gets pushed around more than a Leaf fan in the nosebleeds at the Bell Centre. Face-offs. Until these two can hit 50%, then we need at least one excellent taker of draws. Cumbersome sentence. Embarrassing. Not that I want to do anything other than let him go at the price he seems to think he's worth. Much better sentence. If his demands fall, fantabulous. Otherwise, he's just not in the budget.
  6. Tatar-Danault-Gallywagger Drouin-Suzuki-Anderson Toffoli-KK-Armia Lekky-Evans-PoPo-Weal-etc Three lines that can actually score! And a solid, if not flashy, defence corps. And a real back-up for Price that can take over for periods of time when necessary. Call me optimistic.
  7. Would you re-sign Galchenyuk over the summer for a small contract?
  8. I'm reading more and more how Bergy really did screw this one up. Offerred the same as Dallas too late, some reports saying his offer didn't have full detail in it, like when bonuses etc would be paid. I'm not sure about the sources, but I'm a firm believer of the smoke-fire theory.
  9. Well it wasn't a trade, so really no issue there.
  10. Anyone know where Juulsen's game is? Developing? Stopped? Any potential or busting out?
  11. And yet one legitimate first line centre would make you think the team could do quite well.
  12. I think I saw a graphic recently which places Montreal firmly at the bottom in terms of players brought through the system who have made the NHL based on the last years. I want to find that.
  13. And his stubborn insistence on sticking with Therrien far too long.
  14. It's a good contract. I get the fear with that number, but that's at least his value. I agree that the issue is with Plex and Shaw etc. Though I do believe the latter was signed with the expectation he was going to be a top-6 guy.
  15. Well, if I'm honest, I try not to think about the Habs. It hurts..
  16. Its a fair comment. I have to say I'm not against what he's done at the NHL level. What bothers me is our pitiful drafting and terrible development.
  17. Grigorenko hasn't signed yet in Russia. Has the offer from there as well as two NHLclubs.
  18. Have to think this was part of plan b if Radu signed elsewhere. I think if Radu stays we don't sign Hemsky.
  19. You're becoming quite cynical, Cuke.
  20. I think you have to keep Chucky now that Radu is gone.
  21. At this point and considering the quality of attackers out there, I wonder if the best bet is to throw things entirely at Julien and tell him to work magic. Sign Grigirenko and Yakupov on the cheap. Losing Radu is a big loss, but in the cap world I can see why Bergy had to limit his offer. Unfortunately the low quality of what's left makes me wonder if throwing as much poop at the wall to see if anything sticks might be a worthwhile endeavour.
  22. Can't wait for our farm team to continue to suck and be almost completely incapable of developing talent.
  23. Good riddance Beaulieu. I think that's a pretty good return for what he's become.
  24. This is only a win if it brings the Cup, at least presuming Sergachev becomes the stud he's expected to become. If we don't get a Cup, Subban and Sergachev are Bergevin's legacy and the reason he's fired. I don't like that Drouin's acquisition seems to equate to Chucky's departure, because that feels like one step forward (in the present) and one step back. We need 1-2 high end centres and now at least 1 more top-4 D to be Cup competitive. If we move Chucky, i don't think we're any better. Maybe worse since Sergachev was projected to play. Im really on the fence here. If we aren't hoisting and parading soon, this could be a devastating trade.
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