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  1. Trading deadline approaching. A lot of speculations about Montreal beeing interested in getting another defenceman. But I don't get it. Canadiens could have keept Streit. Pronger and Bouwmeester? Don't think so, there's no room for any of them. The only intersting players mentioned in this seasons frenzy are Smyth, Jokinen and Lecavalier.
  2. But why?! Begin traded and then Glen Metropolit claimed? It's been a while since I disagreed this much. Must have been the Van Allen trade...
  3. Interesting discussion. But a franchise player is always the one that the GM build his team around. I don't think it have to be a great player. Also, the concept of franshise player is dying. This is because of there's more talented players out there and the fact that GM's has another aproach theese days. Brodeaur and is the only player in the NHL today that defines that. Everyone else could be traded or replaced. Marty is the Devils in persona.
  4. So the season has started and yet we haven't had a final standings prediction. So I'll start EASTERN CONFERENCE 1. Montreal Canadiens 2. Washington Capitals 3. Pittsburgh Penguins 4. Philadelphia Flyers 5. New Jersey Devils 6. Tampa Bay Lightnings 7. Ottawa Senators 8. New York Rangers 9. New York Islanders 10. Buffalo Sabres 11. Boston Bruins 12. Florida Panthers 13. Atlanta Thrashers 14. Carolina Hurricanes 15. Toronto Maple Leafs WESTERN CONFERENCE 1. Detroit Red Wings 2. Vancouver Canucks 3. Chicago Blackhawks 4. Anaheim Ducks 5. Los Angeles Kings 6. Calgary Flames 7. San Jose Sharks 8. Dallas Stars 9. St Louis Blues 10. Colorado Avalanche 11. Edmonton Oilers 12. Minnesota Wild 13. Columbus Blue Jackets 14. Nashville Predators 15. Phoenix Coyotes Calder Trophy: Steve Stamkos. Runner Up: Patric Hörnqvist Rocket Richard: Alexander Ovechkin
  5. Just saw some games from last season and watched Mike Komisarek. DOES ANYBODY REALIZE HOW GOOD HE'S BECOME? I didn't see a fault. Always at the right place. Dominating the boards, dominating in front of the net. He'll never be Niclas Lidström but he could be the best stay at home defenseman in the NHL. After this I just had to add Komisarek as the "favourite habs" to my profile.
  6. I never knew Durnan was a Habs! I also tought his name was Durnham! Now I know better. And it made my day. LOL.
  7. So the permanent rumour thread has become a drug thread? What? And Fanpuck, you should probably be glad you don't know people that use drugs... Malkin and Crosby arrived at Stockholm yesterday. So it all starts soon!
  8. I think you get it wrong. The NHL has no intention to create a European conference in that sense it would make NHL team travel around the globe on a regular basis. But it would be possible to create two European coferences and then let them compete for a European champ to face the winner of the NHL. The NHL would still have their Stanley Cup. Western Conference Eastern Conference European Conference Russian Conference Not a bad idea after all...
  9. This is still a great move. Montreal added two top forwards without losing a roster player. Lang over Smolinski anyday. Tangauy over Ryder. But what will it do to our lines? Lang and Kovalev have a history. Plekanec and the Kostitsyns found each other last year. Koivu and Higgins are the most defensive minded duo. Wich gives us... Tangauy - Lang - Kovalev (Not sure if this line is too offensive minded?) Kostitsyn - Plekanec - Kostitsyn (May be too inexperienced.) Higgins - Koivu - Latendresse Begin - Lappiere - Laraque
  10. Tried to pre-order but Warner Bros wont ship to Sweden...
  11. Gainey should have got more for Dandy-thread? Think of it as a status of the 2008-2009 Montreal Canadiens. Dandy is still a good hockey-player but the team from Montreal is so good that he's probably the odd man out. Thats a strenght!
  12. I tought the Bolt where looking for a veteran defenceman? If they don't want Vishnevski then they could have Dandy for free.
  13. Why would the Habs want a guy like Påhlsson when we allready have Lappiere and Chipchura? Montreal showed last season that the team is good enough to win the eastern conference. So why didn't they win the cup? It's the edge that's missing, not deepth and role-players. Mats Sundin would be such improvement. It's either him or nothing. The second best option is to wait for a trade option to come by when season has started or at the deadline. Maybe this is the season when the San Jose Sharks have to get rid of either Marleau or Thornton?
  14. I just have to remind everybody that Mats Sundin has said it overa a thousands of times. He will finish his career with the Maple Leafs. I do realize that last years incident with the no-trade clause thing could have made him to reconcider. But still. I would be surprised to see Sundin in a Nucks or a Habs uniform. Just as a reminder.
  15. Among the top 5 UFAs left, where will they go? Mats Sundin Joe Sakic Peter Forsberg Brendan Shanahan Teemu Selanne My guess: Mats Sundin - Montreal Canadiens Joe Sakic - Colorado Avalanche Peter Forsberg - New York Rangers Brendan Shanahan - Vancouver Canucks Teemu Selanne - Retire
  16. This must make Jagr the best paid player ever if you look at his whole career. He made 8,3 in New York, had for the time the maximum in Washington. Don't know what he made in Pittsburgh...
  17. Sundin is a franshise player. Demitra is not. Fedorov would and should be plan B. Just look at how he came to play with the youngsters in Washington. He would be a perfect fit for a Kostitsyn and Kovalev. Also he would take Streits place on the powerplay as pointman.
  18. Right now... Tanguay - Koivu - Kostitsyn Kostitsyn - Plekanec - Kovalev Higgins - Lappiere - Latendresse Begin - Chipchura - Laraque With Sundin in a red, blue and white uniform he would take the spot as first line centre and Koivu would be demoted to third, Lappy to the fourth and Chipchura to Hamilton. What will happen to Kostopolus? Trade or will he split duties with Laraque?
  19. Marc Denis! I like him a lot, but wonder what with happen to Halak. A trade comming?
  20. Really interesting thus far. Didn't expect Huet and Theodore to change teams. Ty Conklin could be a steal for the Red Wings. Sad to see Streit go and pleased with the Kosty signing. Now to UFAs. Sundin would be great. If he wan't one last chance to win the cup then Montreal is a good option. But Im also wondering about Sergei Fedorov and Markus Näslund. Fedorov was one of the best player (if not the best) in last world championship... Markus Näslund and Ilya Kovalchuck are the two players that has scored the most goals this decade. And Markus has played with a defensive minded team. Sure he's a pure sniper but in my book he's as good as Hossa but would be far more cheap.
  21. Not an Blue Jackets experts at all, but my guess is that Columbus will get a home town discount on Smolinski and sign Streit by the same reason you mention. Ryder to Maple Leafs could be a sign and deal with Montreal. Sundin signs and Ryder signs. Both traded the next hour. I also think that's a fair compensation and my guess is that Ryder was apart of the package the Montreal hade in place for Toronto at the trading deadline. Toronto could also be the only place where Ryder would be garuanteed a spot on the top line.
  22. Patrice Brisebois: Montreal Michael Ryder: Toronto Bryan Smolinski: Columbus Mark Streit: Columbus
  23. Is it that bad? Isn't there any team that could use a versitaile guy like Dandy? If the Habs didn't have Streit he would be an asset to us in my opinion. Trade one overpaid player for another and take the chance?
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