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  1. Maybe bring in some prospects to give laval extra depth?
  2. Keith taking over to prepare the way for his brother Wayne? Haha
  3. Depends on how he is thinking... does he want to go to a contender right now or does he want to go to us, a potential playoff team where he would get loads of icetime.
  4. Romanov just scored the 2-0 goal against Denmark. Hard slapper.
  5. Any chance of someone picking him up? I mean its christmas soon and the habs need it. ?
  6. First no call on very obvious tripping in front of habs net when buf have pp and then the bearhug on gally when he kicked the puck in the net.
  7. Appearently its ”No pp for the habs”-night in Buffalo tonight. ?
  8. Read on tsn that the last player to get 24+ points in the first 20 games for the habs was Odie Clegghorn in 18-19... 100 years ago.
  9. Olofsson with the gw goal today in a 2-1 win for Timrå.
  10. Looks like he got a hard hit from Coburn last night. Didnt return to the ice after.
  11. My msg to the ref is I fart in your general direction and your mother smell of elderberries.
  12. That fourth line is no piccinich in the park.
  13. Pacs gets things going and ends up with 30+ goals, Tatar cools off a bit and suddenly that trade is hanging on Suzuki. Same with chucky for domi. Galchenyuk hasnt played a game yet. We dont know anything how it will end up yet but so far looks good.
  14. From seeing him before he came to northamerica and also in the wjc he has allways looked like a decent defensive forward with some offensive potential only. I dont think its the development that has failed, more likely that there was never much there to be developed.
  15. I hope if Alzner is in its because someone has the flu. Dont change a winning lineup please.
  16. Olofsson with another assist today and 17 minutes of icetime. A -2 though.
  17. It just makes me giggle a bit seeing the name Domi on a habs jersey.
  18. To bad they gave up a goal at the end there but its really great to watch these habs. Young guys fighting hard and skating on and on.
  19. 3-0 and somehow Im still happy if we get one point from this game. Maybe I set my expectations to low?
  20. Didnt know dr recchi was assistant coach of the pens...
  21. Watching first game in a while. Gallaghers goal almost made me wake up my 10-day old son. ?
  22. 14.28 in icetime... maybe 3rd line? https://www.timraik.se/gamecenter/qUv-ZDVVIpXS/statistics/8276
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