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  1. Problem with rempe is he doesn't really win his fights....
  2. Wouldnt be surprised if Calgary drafts Iginla.
  3. I think it was Serge Savard that traded for Recchi though....
  4. Engströms Rögle still tied with Färjestad after 5 periods. Waiting for 6th period now. If Rögle win they are up 3-0 in the series.
  5. Heres to Bruins or Leafs signing him and he goes back to the Drouin we all (well most of us anyway) remember.
  6. Filip Eriksson called up to Växjo in the SHL-playoffs. https://www.expressen.se/sport/hockey/shl/filip-eriksson-har-gjort-succe-i-nybro-nu-gar-han-in-for-vaxjo-i-slutspelet/
  7. This is dangerous times to be our gm. If the D he trades becomes good top4 players while the ones he keeps kinda busts... Oh man
  8. What happened? Sounds serious. I hope and pray for the best for coach StLouis and his family.
  9. They just advanced to the quarterfinals so they will play for a few more weeks at least.
  10. Is the shots really 22 for Columbus? Primeau standing on his head?
  11. I know we need losses but hope you get a win.
  12. Happy to see this trade. Alot more icetime for Primeau is great.
  13. Id love to take his brother Gabe from Rangers.
  14. My winter was a mix of 20cm snow per day and -30 celsius. All since october.
  15. Dont think it will make a big difference for our final standings if we trade Matheson or not. If we get an offer that we cant refuse then trade him. If not then keep him. Maybe next year we are in battle for playoffs again and having him and Savard could be great for that.
  16. Thats true... Better he take over the Leafs or the Canes.
  17. If someone wants us to retain for Savard they better pay more than the stars did.
  18. I have this feeling we better keep Savard as veteran help for all young D coming here. Only trade him if someone throws everything at us for him.
  19. To be honest NJ is playing so bad it makes alot of our older slower guy look great.
  20. Good first period but no goals. Is it just me or is Armia playing good?
  21. I watched Mike Johnson and Craig Button talking about when its time for the habs to compete and Button said its time to aim for playoffs next season. Made me think and then Ill just throw it out here. If we dont win the draft lottery would it be worth sending our 7-8th overall pick to the pens for a salary retained Sid Crosby including a conditional 1st next year (the worst of our two pics) if he resigns/we win the cup. Maybe them taking Armia or maybe Gallagher as well if possible...
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