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  1. From what have heard, seems Dadinov/Lindstrom also have intriguing descriptions and Lindstrom just seems like a Hughes pick, if picking 2nd. Projection and Comparison "The talent of Demidov is impossible to deny. His raw skills might be the best in terms of offense in the entire draft. His puckhandling, shot, passing, and even skating makes him a unique hockey player and prospect. There are many great offensive players, but not many quite like Demidov. ... he could easily be a point per game player in the NHL on most teams first line." Ivan Demidov Scouting Report: 2024 NHL Draft (lastwordonsports.com)
  2. And may be the smallest Hab d-man. Another fun game with lots of positives. Hutson 23:32; Mailloux 21:11 Matheson 27:32 5 shots, nice finish and I saw he recently said he knows his defense is an area for him to work on. Be nice to see him paired with a bonafide top pairing RHer at some point.
  3. Caufield 4 shots. Gallagher with his14th- 15th goals and him pushing Hutson up, for his assist was funny. Nice goal by Barron.
  4. Entertaining game and Hutson was given lots of rope to play with.
  5. Beck 2a 1 shot 12/23 (Parekh 1a 2 shots)
  6. How will the wee fellow do? Will the Wings wingers go wide and take him hard to the net? Will they dump puck into his corner and try and put him though the end boards? I like Savard as his partner, to start anyways.
  7. ONCE signed, will he likely go hang out with Laval team till they are toast?
  8. Marty was never a d-man, so not quite protégé-mentor thing. Marty was just a forward... easiest position in hockey to play.
  9. Similar offense to when acquired. Just hopes he can stay healthy for a season and maybe even help in playoffs? Being 32 in 25-26 season, i cant see being in long term Hab plan though.
  10. Sounds like he signed anyways, so management thought worthwhile.
  11. Arizona play Flames today, Sens vs Rangers tomorrow.
  12. Entertaining game. 2 goals 6 shots for Caufield, 1g1a for Newhook and Matheson is finishing strong, now 9th in d-scoring.
  13. I just keep thinking, Habs arnt lacking in bottom six checkers and no big loss if signs elsewhere?
  14. Maybe good thing that Habs are unlikely to be picking 1st then. Find out where will pick on May 6th or 7th i guess.
  15. Mesar 1a 3/6; but down 2-1 end of 1st period
  16. Laval Rocket @ Cleveland Monsters Saturday, April 13, 2024 | TheAHL.com | The American Hockey League
  17. Somehow, i dont think i will miss Pearson. Go Jesse!
  18. You would still prefer a Demidov/Lindstrom over Helenius though?
  19. For what is worth; EP folks now have Parekh at 5 where Habs sit today & Iginla edging Catton in ranking (before WHL playoffs started and Iginla piled up some more points (0pts 3 shots vs PG last night)). Barring lottery win for #1; seems that Demidov, or the 3 WHLers - Lindstrom, Iginla, Catton might be best forward options for Habs at 5? 2024 NHL Draft Top 96 Ranking - March 2024 | Elite Prospects (youtube.com)
  20. Rogle (9) vs likely Skelleftea (3) in finals; who are up 3-1 in their semi-final series with Frolunda.
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