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  1. Said it yesterday when he scored. That might be the filthiest goal I’ve ever seen.
  2. He was pushing the envelope all game long. You can clearly see that he’s stops skating hard when he notices he has no chance to get to the puck with his stick. That’s when he decides to absolutely annihilate Evans. Disgusting and vile.
  3. Question.. Did anyone catch the Scheifele cross check to Chiarot’s head as he was down on the ice a couple of minutes before the Evans hit??
  4. He landed head first into the ice. His neck twisted under the weight of his body.
  5. Don’t underestimate the importance of Evans. Our fortunes changed when he came back into the lineup.
  6. I swear Connor has scored 3 goals like that on us this year
  7. That might be the filthiest goal I’ve ever seen Good grief Charlie Brown!!!!
  8. Very curious to see if they come out hungry or flat. Don't know what to expect tonight but that Kyle Conner guy was giving us fits all damn year.
  9. Talk about digging up old threads. I wouldn’t even know how to find something that old!!
  10. Gonna be a formidable opponent. Hellebuyck is no Jack Campbell and Kyle Connor gave us fits all year.
  11. If Montreal gets through Winnipeg then they face either Colorado or Vegas. So yes, totally possible.
  12. Oh please dear God make this happen!! I’d mortgage my house to watch them lift the cup in Boston
  13. Stoic Price. ice cold blood in them veins.
  14. I hate weed!! this is 45 yrs of being a habs fan talking!!!
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