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  1. Never heard of this before.
  2. Even with Markov, the Habs need another 20+ minute d-man (Gill wouldn't be bad). Even with a top 3 NHL-ready pick, the Habs need another first line forward. And then they can contend for the Cup, I guess. Markov, the pick, and a decent d-man alone should be enough to make the playoffs next year. I don't think they'll find the first line forward but they'll have quite a bit of depth and quite a bit of youth. For a 28th overall team, the Habs have a lot of pieces to work with. They definitely have a shot to rebound into the playoffs next year. This season will have been worth it if it brings the Habs a franchise forward.
  3. I checked the standings yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to see the Habs in 15th in the East and 28th overall. Keep up the good work, guys.
  4. Maybe writing more nonsense about the Habs is what he meant by "science fiction" writing.
  5. Maybe they're right, maybe they aren't, but their primary interest is themselves, not the team, so their complaining about Gauthier's privacy being bad for the team is just annoying to me, especially coming from someone as contemptible as Jack Todd. Their complaints would be better received if they weren't so blatantly entangled with ulterior motives. The case to fire Gauthier could feature so many better arguments than Todd is capable of making.
  6. If Markov comes back, I think Gomez is the only crippling contract Montreal has, and he's almost definitely gone next year. Kaberle, Plekanec, Cole, Kostitsyn, and Gionta all have decent contracts to me (with Gionta's being the worst but still nothing 29 other teams don't also deal with). I wonder if Eller and Kostitsyn alone could be enough to get Carter..
  7. They need Carter AND Plekanec but I don't know what Montreal would trade. Eller, Kostitsyn + a 1st next year (banking on the Habs being improved with Carter)?
  8. Jack Todd is a journalist. It's in his best interest to apply pressure on the GM to speak to the press more. His best interests is all he's thinking about.
  9. A player that's top 3 in his position becomes a UFA once every 5 to 10 years. The odds of acquiring one by trade aren't much better. You always have to wait for one of those players to suffer an injury, have an off-year, or develop a reputation for being a terrible team player before his team even considers trading him. I think almost every team in the league struggles to get elite players and big first line centers. Having drafted Koivu, Plekanec, Ribeiro, Grabovski, Leblanc, and signing Desharnais, I think Montreal's ability to develop centers in recent years has been pretty typical or mediocre. That's four guys right there who have proven to be capable of 50-70 points in the NHL. The Habs lost two of them because they were headcases. There are exceptions but if you want an 85+ point player, your best bet is to have a terrible season. An even better bet is to have multiple terrible seasons in a row like the Pens, Hawks, and Oilers did. If you're consistently in the playoffs, you can't expect to draft better than 2nd line players. You might luck out once every 5 years but you can't expect it.
  10. It's no surprise. Elite talent is rare when you don't pick in the top 10 of the draft. The only high pick Montreal's had in in years was Price and he turned out to be the cornerstone of the franchise. Finding Pacioretty and Subban in the late first and second respectively was a nice bonus but if you want an 85+ point center (there are what, 5-10 in the league?), you aren't likely to find one without a top 10 pick. This season they'll get a golden opportunity to turn their organization upside down. They need to draft one of those NHL ready stars that have been becoming more common in recent years. If they mess up this pick, they're screwed.
  11. How could it not be about politics when his stated reason for not going is political? Ouch. But I wouldn't be surprised if NHLers on average are significantly less liberal than the average Westerners.
  12. By any chance are there any battle rap fans in here? It's been growing very quickly, I think KOTD has real potential to become a new WWE. The newest event was shot on the famous RED camera and the footage has become increasingly professional when you consider how far they've come in like 3 years. The new trailer they released tonight is incredible. And yes, that's Raekwon the Chef, co-hosting the event. Harley from Epic Meal Time also co-hosted. Classified was there too as a guest judge.
  13. There's nothing wrong with being an apologist for something you believe in. We have no reason to believe that Gauthier didn't get multiple opinions on Markov's health. We have no reason to assume that he was in any way more ignorant of Markov's condition than he should (as in could) have been. Recovery time is never foreseen with total accuracy, doctors are always dealing with probabilities. Suppose the doctors said a player in this state, recovering from this injury, after this much recovery time, etc, etc, will have a 85% chance of being ready to play NHL hockey by November if he follows X workout regimen. In this situation, signing Markov long term and (merely) bringing in Campoli to QB the PP until that time seems reasonable. There is a 85% chance that it will pay off. Of course, if that which has a 15% probability happens, we'll undoubtedly have people that claim the result was inevitable and that Gauthier should have seen it coming.
  14. lol You really think Scott Gomez is hanging out on Crescent street? What's he doing there, Brutopia trivia night?
  15. I agree with this. But even Gainey was pretty unpopular for his final two or three years as GM. You're exaggerating. His trades: 2nd for Dominic Moore 2nd for Wisniewski Spacek for Kaberle Halak for Eller+ D'Agostini for Palushaj Maxwell + 4th for Sopel and Dawes O'Byrne for whatever pick we got for him Lapierre for a 5th Russell for Blunden All of these are either great moves, good moves, or moves so small that they don't make much difference either way (the final five I listed). The Cammalleri trade was a good move for the organization, it's just disappointing because we have the feeling that he could have been worth more at the deadline. The Sergei Kostitsyn trade looks bad in hindsight but I remember it being popular at the time. Kostitsyn demanded a trade many times, openly had problems with the coach, was supposedly a cancer in the dressing room,and looked like a marginal NHLer on the ice. Most of us were happy to get rid of him, and I personally don't even regret the move. As for signings: He finally brought in Emelin. Brought Diaz too. Markov signing. Gorges re-signing. Gill re-signing. Cole signing. Boyd signing. Campoli signing. Nokelainen signing. Budaj signing. I support every one of these moves without resorting to hindsight (like Campoli getting seriously injured). They all made and make sense to me. The Markov one was risky, but again, the majority supported that move at the time it was made. Gauthier did not inspect Markov personally, he can, like every other GM, only base his decisions on the medical reports he's given, all of which said Markov would be back months ago. That isn't to say that it's the doctors' faults, just that Gauthier had no reason to expect a setback in Markov's recovery. He could have been more cautious but it certainly wasn't an obviously bad move, and still isn't. As for drafting, it's too early to tell. At the present time, there doesn't seem to be any major problems with the drafting since he became GM. What has he done well? Make sensible move after sensible move given the information available at the time. He hasn't been good at PR but no GM or coach would be in Montreal when the team is losing. For all the talk of him caving in to fan and media pressure, this is the guy that traded Halak when he was the hero of the city. edit - as for Gainey, I supported all his moves until he fired Carbonneau. After that, he went a bit crazy. Maybe the Martin firing was that point for Gauthier but I really suspect he was forced to fire Martin against his wishes.
  16. I didn't like her performance either, nor do I like any other songs by her. But I really like Video Games (not live).
  17. I support 100% of Gauthier moves besides coach hiring and firings, decisions that I believe Molson imposed on him. It's mainly those coaching decisions that make people suspect he has no plan. Subtract firing Martin and Gauthier has been a better GM than Gainey was.
  18. BTH

    DSLR Cameras

    Out of curiosity, are you Nikon lovers using your cameras for photography or videos? The Canon users I know do it use their cameras primarily for video.
  19. Didn't realize it was me that made this thread.
  20. The goalie always gets blamed when the team loses. His track record only buys him so much time. This is because the most popular goalie stats are really team stats and so good goalies on bad teams inevitably have lower stats than average goalies on good teams. Amazingly, this fact has evaded the public consciousness so that even professional opinions on goalies fluctuate dramatically from month to month based on perception and only partly relevant statistics. The moment the team becomes a contender again, Price, with the same level of play, would have better stats and be hailed as an elite goalie again, although this will probably come alongside rumours that he is a terribly inconsistent player alternating between hot and cold years. Sounds tempting. It actually started as a stereotype at least a decade ago. It was probably true for most of that time but it definitely isn't true anymore. I bet that even if Gionta was traded for Dustin Brown, the Habs would still be looked at as a small or at best average sized team.
  21. I don't like the way the Gazette writers bash Gauthier for not talking to the press enough. The motive behind the hatred is too transparent. It would be like if we made constant threads about how terrible management is for not regularly answering questions brought up on message boards.
  22. BTH

    DSLR Cameras

    What are you using it for? I've never used a Nikon... Everybody I know uses Canon and there seems to a widespread feeling that Canon > Nikon, probably mostly based on attachment to the brand and that's it. They're more expensive but the Canon 7D and 5D are good enough to shoot professional quality. If you're looking for something cheaper and all you aren't shooting any feature movies or anything then the Canon Rebel is probably good enough for you. There's a few different kinds of Rebels, I think the t3i is the most recent.
  23. pretty much. Yes, they need Boivin back. Then they need to hire Anglophone coaches and GMs. Then they need to ignore protesters and wait for the controversy to pass.
  24. Obviously. I would prefer to phrase it: Does the size of three of your best centers matter when your team is generally big? What's the magic of the center position? Nobody would ask the same question if it was the left wingers that were small.
  25. Habs fans are saying: We lost our best available player and we wanted more, but we saved cap space, and got the better pick and prospect without hurting the team too much. Flames fans are saying: We got the best player and he should spark our offense, but we're over the cap, and need more youth, not less of it. It is disappointing for both, yet fair for both. But on that site, cap space is way overvalued and players like Cammy are basically considered bums. Yesterday there was a thread asking Flames fans if they'd trade Bourque for Cammalleri straight up and most of them said no.
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