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  1. Love Caufield but that is 2 OTs in a row where he was outmatched. It will come with experience.
  2. Byron 2 feet wide again. At least hit the net.
  3. Is it me or does Suzuki break more sticks than most?
  4. Good news: they are scoring late to force OT which is much more encouraging than last year. Bad News: Leafs are leading the Division😛
  5. I don't mind being crazy then. Highest priority is winning, not playing Byron. He is a great skater, but is lucky to hit the boards never mind the net. Missed twice in last 5 min.
  6. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut eventually
  7. Unbelievable. Now OT. Oh no Ahhhh
  8. Noted. At least don't play him in OT. Play the offensive players as others have said.
  9. Been saying the same of Byron for a while. Not sure what Byron has on GM to keep him with the team. Also, why is he out there with giveaway Petry. Gotta love Petry in regular time, but has been a disaster in OT for years. I am no expert on hockey, just love watching, but even I have seen the mess Petry creates in OT. Once in 10 or so rushes he will score, and IMO he causes a goal against in about 3 of 10. Again just my guess... As noted by others, what a comeback - we would not have seen that in recent years and you may have well just off the tv. Now I love to watch. Go Habs Go.
  10. While the Keystone cops caused the goal, Byron missed 2 good chances. I think he is the plug. Since he got past waivers l, I assume no one wants him though.
  11. Getting used to the strange Zebra calls, 2 in 3 games now.
  12. Can I call 'em. Yowzaa. Now I have 4 years of defending this!
  13. Like any of the 3 listed. Dadanov played with some offensive players, so not if he made them better or vice versa. Still he would be cheaper. I guess it's hard to guess how it plays out in this Covid year. Hoping for Toffoli even on the left side.
  14. Think Granlund's on the downslope, but was really hoping the Habs would make serious try for Toffoli. We need a goal scorer like him. With the Right side getting crowded, I am assuming that won't happen now, especially with the money thrown at Anderson. Not sure we have the cap left for him.
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