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Where are they now?

After bursting onto the major league scene as a 19 year old back in 1999, Rick Ankiel followed up with a very solid season in 2000, finishing second in the rookie of the year voting. Once the playoffs rolled around, however, he famously and suddenly lost the ability to put the ball anywhere near the plate. He tried to pitch again in 2001 and 2004, but was unable to find his control. His pitching struggles led him to switch to outfield in 2005 and he showed great promise at the A and AA levels. In 2006, however, more bad news came as he missed the entire season with a knee injury

In 2007, Ankiel made the AAA Memphis squad and was named an All-Star starter. He currently leads all AAA players with 31 homers.

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Wow, what a bullpen. I wonder if they'll resign Gagne and finally move Papelbon to the rotation next year.

either that or offer arbitration and take the compensation draft picks. I think the latter is more likely, frankly. Word out of Boston has long been that Papelbon wants to close.

well gosh darn more boston sports domination.

Red Sox will win the WS

Patriots won't lose a game this year

and now the Celtics are guaranteed a spot in the finals now with Garnett, Pierce, Allen

thank goodness the bruins still suck.

Highly doubtful that the Pats will go undefeated. There are plenty of good teams in the AFC

Red Sox are in no way a lock to win the WS - nobody ever is.

Celtics look a hell of a lot better, but they have little depth, which might hold them out of the finals.

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Personally im liking Detroit's chances more than Boston's this year. Their offense is just sickening. Gonna be a wild playoffs anyways, the Angels look real good too. I still haven't counted the Yanks as out, call me stupid but it could happen.

I wonder if the Braves will go on a run with big Tex. That could be scary too if Andruw Jones could get going. The NL isnt looking too shabby this year IMO, last year the Mets had no challengers but this year you got LA, SD, CHC, Brew Crew and the Braves, and even the Phillies to some extent (Utley injury might kill them).

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Yankees are toast. They didn't get any bullpen help.

well, they've been playing very well recently, have a ridiculous offense, are getting back Hughes, and are bringing up chamberlain to help the pen.

not quite toast yet.

Personally im liking Detroit's chances more than Boston's this year.

don't necessarily disagree with ya there.

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still don't think its going to come from the east.

way to take a step back.

Will the wild card come from the east? perhaps not. Do the Yankees have a strong chance to grab the wildcard (if they don't win the division)? Sure. If the Yanks win the division, is it not impossible that the sox get the wildcard? not completely implausible.

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