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Non-Rocket Habs Prospect tracker


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Caufield 0pts in 3-1 win

Romanov 0pts 14:23, but team only given up 24g in 19gms (1.3 g/gm)

Pinard 1g2a 10pts in12gms

Houde 2a 17pts in 12gms

Hillis 2a 10pts in 9gms

Fairbrother, Pitlick, Fonstad, all with 1a

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2 hours ago, Habber31 said:

I read struble was struggling with the adjustment to college hockey. 


Maybe. But he has only played three games after recovering from a groin injury so I wouldn't draw conclusions quite yet.

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A true freshman leading the NCAA in scoring thus far!!


His shooting abilities compared to Brett Hull and Ovi all the while smashing US records set by current and past NHL stars.

his stature compared to that of Marty St. Louis!



How good is this guy?


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On 10/28/2019 at 5:01 PM, Habber31 said:



Maybe I read it on here, but the article had said he has no pace to his game. 

His skating isnt an issue, just huge jump in competition from high school to NCAA and was said he is bit lost without the puck.

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