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  1. I enjoyed watching both of those goals. The first one was a beauty one timer from his off wing. The backhander was really nice too. I believe his skating is fine. The Mckeen's draft guide when discussing Cole's skating said "He has a very fast top speed and an explosive first few steps."
  2. Hi Tom. Thanks for pointing this out. We are looking into this issue.
  3. I thought I had read, that Churla had the same title in Montreal as he does now in Florida? If so then he may have made a lateral move for different reasons, such as salary or more responsibilities. It's always difficult for us to gauge which person deserves credit when it comes to drafting players.
  4. I think I heard Kaiden's last name pronounced like "ghoul". If correct, that is awesome.
  5. I won't be totally surprised if that happens. Especially if Lapierre is not drafted in the 1st round.
  6. It's not a bad pick; it's a safe pick. I thought they may have gambled on someone who has more upside.
  7. Now on to the best time of the draft. Habs up next!
  8. I agree with the Carolina prediction.
  9. Top 3 picks are in. No surprises. On to Detroit, the team that got the shaft to draft down to #4.
  10. On the Sportsnet feed, I like how they show the 5 minute "on the clock" countdown timer.
  11. BPA is a simple mantra, but not based on logic. Let's say you were drafting 16th, you had 2 excellent centers in the pros, and 3 more good centers in junior/college/AHL, and the BPA was a center, do you draft him? No way.
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