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  1. Unless there is another move coming in the next 48 hours, this transaction is like putting a bandage on the iceberg sized hole in the Titanic. Way to go Bergy! 😞
  2. Hi everyone! The newest Habsworld podcast is now online [#67, the Max Pacorietty edition]. The current state of the Canadiens and many Habs & NHL topics were discussed between hosts Jonathan Rebelo, Paul Macleod and myself. I would like to receive some feedback about our podcasts, so please respond either in this forum, on iTunes, or via Podomatic. Thanks!
  3. Sometimes the goalie needs to be pulled to send the message to the rest of the team. This *is* one of those times.
  4. Good Price is pulled. Lets see him break another goalie stick on his way to the dressing room. Pathetic (on all of the Habs)
  5. Bruins 5 to 1. Price watches the puck go by him Now Petry caused a huge turnover to cause that breakaway.
  6. Bruins score. Price looked like garbage! Anyone disagree?
  7. Unfortunately I am watching this debacle called a game. Ok I overreacted and placed the blame on Price. Many Habs deserve the blame for being down 3 to 1 against their hated rival.
  8. FFS Price!? 3 goals on 8 shots. Pull him!
  9. Yes but it's also the worst team they've played all year. That said, so far so good for Les Habitants tonight.
  10. Another couple of quality shots by Petry on the powerplay. The man is on fire tonight! His teammates should be inspired to play better.
  11. I love that hip check by Petry on Kucherov!
  12. What's hurts even more is allowing 2 quick goals within the first 2 minutes of the 2nd period. Ugh!!
  13. Damn, the Lightning were really coming on over the last few minutes of the first, and scored with only a few seconds left to tie the game. 😞
  14. The TV announcer said it was the Habs 5th PPG, and the 2nd by Petry to lead the team. The NHL.com website says they have 6 PPG, to give them a 25% efficiency, and rank them #16 in the league. That is promising.
  15. Nice blast by Petry to put the Habs up 1-0 !
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