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  1. Death, taxes, and Pageau scoring against the Habs are the only certainties in this life
  2. I found myself talking to my gf instead of paying attention to the game, which shows just how awful that period of hockey was

    I don't recall a team just throwing the puck at the net like the 2017-18 Canadiens. It's as if they are playing a carnival game and whoever gets the most shots wins

    It's nice to win a game that wasn't deserved, as it's gone the other way this season at times.

    I'm guessing that Plekanec was aiming for the middle of Schneider's chest but missed and went 5 hole
  6. 2017-18 NHL Thread

    I don't see how comparing what the Lightning are doing as a team relates to the Hab's struggles. Drouin has been good and so has Sergachev, this is what happens in high end one for one deals. We can talk about filling one hole but leaving another, but that wasn't the purpose of the original statement. I think it's fair to say Drouin would have more points on the Lightning and Sergachev would have less on the Habs.
  7. 2017-18 NHL Thread

    Well, do you think Sergachev would be leading the Habs in scoring if he wasn't traded?
  8. 2017-18 NHL Thread

    And Drouin on the Lightning would have more points than anyone on the Habs. I don't see your point
  9. Playoffs or bust?

    Stats to me only capture a certain percentage of what's actually going on in a particular sport. There are a bazillion variables at play and it's impossible to measure them all.
  10. Playoffs or bust?

    A picture that sums up this thread:
  11. Blues @ Habs 7:30 Dec. 5 2017

    Yeah but if I mentioned those then my post wouldn't have been as good. They can have as many late first round picks as they want as long as we get a point per game center
  12. Blues @ Habs 7:30 Dec. 5 2017

    I wish the Habs had a player as terrible as Jori Lehtera to trade for Brayden Schenn back in the summer
  13. Playoffs or bust?

    Because they are humans, not numbers on a spreadsheet. The point that you're missing is that during "clutch moments", clutch players only have to be better than their opponent. Whether that's at 100% ability or 80%, there's always going to be an opponent that will perform just a bit worse. And of course it's not always going to go in the favor of the clutch player, because that's sports. Part of being a great player is being clutch, and the two aren't necessarily related.
  14. 2017-18 NHL Thread

    The thing that I noticed about that list right away is how many right hand shots there are, 14 out of 22 (64%). I don't have the numbers, but I imagine that there are way more lefties than righties that ever played the game.
  15. Playoffs or bust?

    Clutch is real. Players know it, fans know it. Stat guys try to disprove it. Commandant's argument is that because every NHL player is the best of the best, they are all conditioned to be clutch. Although that is likely true, that each player would have been among the best in their respective groups coming up, it doesn't take into account the separation after they hit the NHL. There's always going to be guys that want the puck on their stick at the end of a a game, and guys that don't. It doesn't matter what level they are playing at. Hockey is hockey. The NHL is exponentially better than any random league, but it's still all relative.
  16. I have the same mug but mine doesn't have super powers like yours. I do have a foam finger that I bring out for special occasions though. I bought it game 6 against Pittsburgh back in 2010 and it's been mostly lucky since then. Contrast that with my Mom, who wholeheartedly believes that she has control over the outcome of Habs games. She watches the games until the other team scores and then changes the channel because she is "unlucky". And if they are winning, she changes the channel because she "doesn't want to jinx it" by her continuing to watch. So basically she doesn't end up watching much
  17. Davidson claimed by Edmonton

    Replacing player A for player B doesn't equate to results based on individual stats. It's all hypothetical. Vrbata could have played worse defensively and gave up more goals against.
  18. Davidson claimed by Edmonton

    We lose to the Rangers regardless if they got Vrbata. You're kidding yourself if you think he himself changes the series result
  19. Davidson claimed by Edmonton

    Because we will just assume Vrbata gets a goal or two more in the series than whoever he would have replaced in the lineup, and that results in some wins
  20. Davidson claimed by Edmonton

    Yeah skilled players available like Eaves or Hanzel would have put us over the top
  21. Habs at Wings 7:30 Nov, 30 2017

    Win and we're in! Temporarily But still
  22. Love/Hate X players

    In terms of the original question, I tend to hate any player that leaves the Canadiens for any reason
  23. Love/Hate X players

    I had to explain to my girlfriend as well. I was questioning at the time why he was being honored by the Habs for what seemed to be a short stint with the team. I actually thought there would be some boos but I didn't hear any. Although the reception seemed lukewarm at best
  24. Sens vs Habs Nov 29 2017 7:30

    My dvr cut off the last ten minutes of the game Schlemko looked great, or perhaps my expectations were just so low that it was easy to exceed them. I find it hard to imagine how Plekanec was able to top 60 points in a season numerous times. He does everything great except for passing and shooting. Price is back