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  1. I agree with this statement, we are on the board! The vocal minority definitely stirs the pot in alot of situations..
  2. Do we all want the Habs to win this series or are we hoping to lock in the 16th pick? Just want to be prepared next time I log in
  3. I don't know if I'm just on a Habs high, but that Flyers lineup on paper doesn't seem as intimidating as it should. Also I hope that anyone that wanted a series loss against Pittsburgh doesn't tune into these games because they don't deserve to enjoy this.
  4. I will respond to this because it has been 20 minutes and nobody else has
  5. I hope the "smart money is on the Pens" and "worse odds to win this series than winning the #1 pick" guys here enjoy the next series
  6. There is a reason that he consistently gets voted the best goalie in the league by the players
  7. I don't know if i should be mad at the Habs for taking so many penalties or the refs for calling so many on them
  8. I'll take your word for it as I haven't really noticed him one way or the other. But that sort of proves my point, I want to notice Domi. If he is playing well as you say, he should be making passes to guys capable of doing something with them. Whether moving him up the lineup or inserting new players onto his line. And i would much rather him take stupid penalties that get him engaged than all the stupid penalties taken so far by the team.
  9. I also had the same thoughts. That maybe he was behind his team in terms of being in game shape, and then we'll maybe ol' Claude has a plan here. But this is a guy who led the Habs in scoring just one year ago. A guy who has a fire that we haven't seen in quite some time whether it helps or hurts us at any given time. And now he doesn't seem engaged at all, just playing his 4th line role, when he can in fact change the momentum or the outcome of a game. I want pissed off Domi
  10. They were included because it was the only way for a fair end of the season. Teams that were a few points behind deserved a chance to qualify, and the number of teams needed to work. They didn't just wonder how they can squeeze in Montreal and Chicago. I really think the NHL has done an excellent job with everything in the return to play. And I agree with whoever brought up Domi. I think we all have been waiting for playoff Domi to emerge but he has been dragged down by his plug line mates. Put him up higher in the line up, punch him in the face or whatever it takes to get him fired up, he is built for the playoffs.
  11. Having a 9th overall pick vs a 16th or higher pick doesn't necessarily equate to long term success. The world could end tomorrow, enjoy today.
  12. Cool. I'll keep that in mind if they go on a run here and you show any excitement. I also want video reaction from your house showing that you are upset at any win
  13. Okay so you tell those players that are giving it their all that you would rather they don't so that there is a small chance that they can draft a guy that might help them win a cup down the road. I seen a video of them coming off the ice last night and I can confidently tell you they are going for wins, not draft picks.
  14. That argument is moot because it isn't like we automatically get him if we lose this series I will bet you all of your Habs29 disposable funds that the Habs win this series at 8-1 odds. I might lose the bet, but that might be the dumbest line I ever seen. And again, you're blaming the win on the performance of our best player as if it is a bad thing. Why is this a narrative? He is our highest paid player. You complain he gets paid so much but then complain when he wins a game by playing great.
  15. That was fun to watch. Price was solid The kids were great Drouin is a bum Habs win in August
  16. Win or lose, im just glad to have this excitement back
  17. I actually feel bad for Domi putting it all on the line to play with his disease and having to play with Dale Weise
  18. Suzuki is playing like an elite 2 way center
  19. I dont care if we lose this game and then the next 3, I'm just glad I am watching hockey
  20. You should bet all of your available money on Pittsburgh, since you are so smart
  21. The good news is that 3 of the "experts" think our terrible, god awful team will over perform and stretch this out to 5 games. The better news is that the series is played on the ice and not from these guy's basements.
  22. Haha chances are much higher than 5% now. Lots of good happened for the Habs since this post, they either make the playoffs or have a decent shot at #1 pick.
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