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  1. Domi > Galchenyuk

    Another post, another Subban reference, Habs must be on a losing streak. "They are reliable and low drama players who perform night in and night out. The result is a better overall team". That sounds sort of like the reason why I prefer Weber 😆
  2. Feb. 16, Habs vs Lightning, 7 PM

    I don't understand the "squandering" of Price's prime, you say that as if we would have kept Subban and Pacioretty the Habs would have hoisted cup #25 already. "Incompetent GMing" didn't give those players away, they were traded for similar value players. The only difference between now and then, is that there is a crop of high end young roster players and prospects in the system. Habs still have prime Price, Weber is showing no signs of slowing down, Petry is having a career year, and their best forwards are all between 18-26. Add in Suzuki, Poeling, Brook, Romanov pushing for a spot and the cap space available to add an elite UFA if they want. This is not the same situation as any of the previous times you've mentioned.
  3. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    I don't understand how someone can consider a trade a loss based on age, especially less than 4 years in difference. Players start to decline at different ages and Weber hasn't at all yet, and I haven't watched enough of Subban to know if he is, but judging by his production this year he certainly might be. Not to mention all the other reasons I believe the trade was a win, but yes no need to rehash that old debate. The other trades you mentioned are very minor losses, and hardly worth mentioning when compared to the robbery he committed on his wins.
  4. Trade Deadline Planning

    The Tilburg Trappers sure loved it when Dale "Dutch Gretzky" Weise put up 48 points in 19 games during the lockout
  5. Trade Deadline Planning

    If Weise is considered a top 6 RW, then that's 2 of my 3 wishes granted already 😄
  6. Trade Deadline Planning

    Moves I'd like to see happen but would settle for just one of them: Trade some high end futures for a top 4 LD under team control. Add a 4th line center. I was hoping for Boyle but oh well. Acquire a top 6 RW. There are plenty available so it is a buyer's market. The price on a rental should be low so perhaps we can get a Vanek type deal.
  7. 13th Annual Regular season Prediction Contest

    This thread is a good read, Habs are on pace for 100 points after 2/3rds of the season. Lots of hockey left but it is safe to say that this team has exceeded most fan's expectations. Lots has gone right so far in terms of health, rebounding, and development, so here's to hoping that continues and they can make some noise if they make the playoffs.
  8. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Do we want a 25 year old left handed, puck moving defenseman who scores at a 52 point per season career pace and is under contract for 4 more years at a very reasonable 4.5 million? If yes, it is going to take a lot to acquire such a player If no, you are wrong
  9. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    To Montreal: Ryan Callaghan and Mathieu Joseph To Tampa: Charles Hudon To Montreal: Shayne Gostisbehere To Philly: Josh Brook, Joni Ikonen and a 2nd round pick
  10. #79 I think any player who plays their entire career with one team and was one of the best players, if not the best player on that team for said career, deserves to have their jersey raised. And I don't think it should matter that Montreal had such high standards before, this is a new era. There are 5 times as many teams now than there were for the first half of Montreal's existence.
  11. On one hand it sucks that there's a break because they are playing well, on the other hand we get to enjoy the break being in 3rd place in the division and 4th in the Conference
  12. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Weber Petry Juulsen Brook (can play LD) That's the depth on our right side defense. We don't want Parayko for Poehling
  13. Trade Deadline Planning

    An Alzner for Lucic swap only handcuffs us for one extra year and 1.375m against the cap. I would rather have Lucic on the roster than Alzner but I wouldn't try making this move unless Edmonton threw in something good to make up for the difference in salary and term. Hamilton would not and should not be a target for us, he is a right shot dman and we need lefties. I don't think I even need to bring up the perceived attitude and character aspects. It bugs me that it seems that every time Montreal has a positional need, those players aren't available. And when they are strong in a certain position, there are an abundance of those players available. One of these years the supply and demand have to line up with what we are trying to accomplish.
  14. What is potential 1st line center Alex Galchenyuk doing on the 3rd line as a left wing for a non playoff team? This is coming from a guy who likes the kid and thinks he has all the tools in the world, but no box to put them in.
  15. 2018-19 NHL General Discussion Thread

    I remember thinking when Edmonton won McDavid that they would be an instant dynasty. It is mind boggling how inept Chirelli was in his role during his time there. In terms of what is coming, I can see Kevin Lowe taking over for the rest of the season until they find a replacement. Hockey moves to be made, there's so many holes that they can just start anywhere. I would trade one of Nuge, Draisaitl or McDavid. Their 3 best players by a mile are centers, so whichever return makes the most sense in dealing one of those is where I'd start. Luckily for them rebuilds don't take very long these days and they can be competitive again as early as next year.
  16. Philadelphia vs Montreal 7:00pm

    Surely you can comprehend the counter point we made that a team doesn't necessarily need top end scoring to be successful. Our top forward is 41st in scoring which isn't good enough in your opinion, but I provided an example where a Cup winner had the 39th overall scorer. You also insinuated that our back end is old, but yet that same cup winner had even older key players. And your reply is sarcasm and an emoji? Okay
  17. Claude Julien: Jack Adams candidate?

    This is Trotz's trophy to lose at this point in the season. I also agree that the last place power play in the league won't do Claude any help in the votes. This thread should be Marc Bergevin - GM of the year candidate
  18. Philadelphia vs Montreal 7:00pm

    Lucic and Krejci both had 62 points, good for a tie for 39th in the league the year the Bruins won the cup. On the back end the " key cogs on their back 9" included: Chara - 33 years old and Tim Thomas - 36 years old and winner of the Conn Smythe. I can't recall who the coach was of that team but I'm sure he was pretty good and relevant to my point.
  19. Trade Deadline Planning

    I definitely believe that he is not going to trade a 1st or our best prospects for a rental player, and that's the best plan in my opinion. However, I do believe that if there were a deal on the table for a player who is under team control for a few years, he would be willing to trade those pieces. I'd really like for him to address the LD situation as soon as possible, and I am quite okay with trading futures for the now solution. Drafting a LD is going to take years to develop and overpaying for one through UFA is not something I am interested in. Call me crazy, but I'd even consider acquiring a veteran like a Keith or a Yandle depending on the cost. Montreal is sitting in a great position right now, they are sitting in a playoff position, they have lots of decent prospects, lots of picks and a lot of cap space. If Bergevin can make the right moves, this team will be set up to be very very good for a long time.
  20. Florida vs Montreal 730pm

    I take back anything bad I said about Niemi. Packeryammy with the beauty goal!
  21. Permanent Rumour Thread

    My favorite part of Tatar being a Hab aside from how well he is playing, is that literally every time the broadcaster says his name I yell "TOMAS TAAAATAAAAR" and it drives my family crazy.
  22. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    And he certainly meets the Finnish requirement. It would be interesting to see what the cost would be, as he was a high pick it hasn't performed close to expectation. I wouldnt want to give up too much for him. Edmonton has so many holes that perhaps this could be the "Ryder, Halak and a 2nd" trade that we dreamt of.
  23. Jan. 8, Montreal vs Detroit, 7:30 PM

    I am happy that they responded with a win after the last two losses, it was important to get. That being said, Detroit is terrible on paper and are quite beatable. I loved seeing Weber fly to Michigan with a swollen face and dealing with it. He tried a full cage but didnt feel comfortable, so he took off his last line of protection. These are the things that his teammates, bosses and peers all admire
  24. I think that Price knew he had no chance at it so he caused contact with the Minny player to hopefully get the goal called back. He did the same thing the other night but it didn't work then either.
  25. Well that didn't take long, Scherbak placed on waivers by LA. I suppose he didn't get a chance there as well?